22 March 2012

it's time to fangirl.

I am so excited.

I'm trying really hard not to think about it or talk about it too much because if I do, I get too excited and it feels like the next thirteen hours and forty-eight minutes will last forever. Thank goodness I have work for most of the morning and a date after work.

This might go on record as the longest day this year.

I'm planning to buy some gold eyeliner, Cinna-style, and pass it around to all my friends when we're waiting at the theater this evening. Libby has a pretty fantastic t-shirt tutorial. (for me, it would read Finnick & Finnick & Finnick & Finnick. I just love him so much.)

Are you dressing up at all for the movie tonight? Will you be there for the midnight showing tonight? Are you as excited as I am?