06 December 2011

self portraits.

last year's. 

this year's. 

Self portraits are funny things. It's weird to spend so much time looking at your own face, trying to make it as perfect -and accurate- as possible. Admittedly, I had more fun creating a vector image of myself, but I miss drawing. I'll open up my sketchbook every once in awhile and flip through the drawings. It's disappointing to look at some of them, the ones that I slacked off on and drew in a matter of minutes. There are a few others, though, like pages and pages of hands, and a recreation of three Da Vinci drawings, that I spent more time on and turned out nicely.

Next semester I'm hoping for a photography class. I know virtually nothing about photography, aside from what I can do with my camera. Besides learning a lot, if I end up going for some sort of photography major in college, it'll be nice to have the easy classes (like drawing 1, photoshop, and intro to photography) out of the way.