06 December 2011

self portraits.

last year's. 

this year's. 

Self portraits are funny things. It's weird to spend so much time looking at your own face, trying to make it as perfect -and accurate- as possible. Admittedly, I had more fun creating a vector image of myself, but I miss drawing. I'll open up my sketchbook every once in awhile and flip through the drawings. It's disappointing to look at some of them, the ones that I slacked off on and drew in a matter of minutes. There are a few others, though, like pages and pages of hands, and a recreation of three Da Vinci drawings, that I spent more time on and turned out nicely.

Next semester I'm hoping for a photography class. I know virtually nothing about photography, aside from what I can do with my camera. Besides learning a lot, if I end up going for some sort of photography major in college, it'll be nice to have the easy classes (like drawing 1, photoshop, and intro to photography) out of the way.



  1. I love both of your self-portraits! I used to draw all the time, but I haven't for awhile now. I'm now inspired to start again. And I wish I knew as much about vector drawings as you. I'm hopeless with illustrator. ;)

  2. You are way too talented, young lady. Both self portraits are accurately lovely! Too fun.

  3. tempted to ask, "why are you so good at everything?" but i won't. oh, wait... anyway, the likeness is terrific. :) i've been loving my drawing class lately. it's the one class where i can relax, pretty much.

  4. Wow. I am so so so impressed. Beautiful, dear. (:

  5. First, your header...love!
    And oh, both are beautiful - you are crazy-talented, my dear. I wish I had stuck with drawing...haven't sketched in forever, but you're making me want to start again. :-)

  6. hello there :)

    you are quite a talented artist, i always wish i could draw, hah !

    hope you can find a photo class to take - i'm currently doing a program in graphic design/photography at the art institute of philadelphia, i'd be happy to chat about getting a photo degree if you'd like.

    happy december!!

  7. Those are really good, dear! I love the first one! Very talented, as well as beautiful=)

  8. These are gorgeous. You're so talented, Katie.

  9. well, you're clearly talented. and oh so beautiful:)

  10. Love both of the portraits, K!

  11. You won somthing from my blog contest! Can you please email me your address (via the page on the dreamy tree) and I'll get you in touch with the donator!

  12. Ah! I miss art class so badly.
    These are lovely. The mediums are wonderful. Is the first graphite or charcoal? I can't tell.
    Sketchbooks are funny that way, you can love something you created on one page, then detest the next. They are kind of mirrors of yourself in a way.

    Self portraiture is kind of the same as writing your name over and over again until you start to question your identity.

    Anyways! Good luck on photography class, if you take one. Although if you got too much better than you already are, you'd definitely need to go pro.

  13. Those are fantastic!!! I really like the first one, although I also liked the effect of the second one. I often prefer more traditional (or at least representational) styles of art, but I like when the more conventional style of art is used to express a radical image or idea.

    Our first assignment of next semester in Painting 2 is going to be a self-portrait. I haven't painted one since 7th grade.

    Hope this dolphin finds you well.

  14. Ah! I love these! I sketch every now and then, but my sketches only look semi-normal. Ha!

    These are great though. You are quite talented. :-]

  15. Oh and my favorite is the first one! I love simple sketches with pencil and/or charcoal. Beautiful!

  16. Love you banner "all who wander are not lost." Great! Just found your blog and I love it! I made my own little holiday wish list. Check it out!
    Real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  17. i do not have an artistic bone in my body! so your self portraits pretty much amaze me(:

    but i love photography! i can't wait to see how the class rubs off you (: and i hope you love it!


  18. I'm so impressed. My self-portraits need labels so people know what they are. They also involve more stick and less self. I wish I had your talent.

    Also, how awesome it would be to major in photography. I've never taken a class, but I'd love to.

  19. I'm strongly in support of anyone who wants to pursue something creative as a profession, and I can see that you clearly have talent, but I still feel I must share with you that ten years later I wish I had majored in something more practical. However, plenty of people do make a living as photographers.


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