27 November 2011

somewhat coherent thoughts.

I love Thanksgiving. I complain about it and whine, but I really do love it. This year was low-key and relaxed, followed by a low-key and relaxed Black Friday. Followed by a long day at work, followed by a busy and productive today. Emphasis on the busy and productive. I'm a little proud of myself. We went to the library after church today and I refrained from reading any of my new books. Then, I emailed my world civ prof and convinced her that it was a good idea to use one of the Vlogbrothers videos in our presentation on the French Revolution tomorrow. #ftw 

Also. December may include an epic roadtrip. It's all very maybe at the moment (I just asked my parents tonight), and we have to convince various parents, figure out driving & gas, ect. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's a yes. ;)

I'm in this weird inbetween stage in blogging. I want to write, but I have nothing to say. Don't expect anything for the next week- I have the SAT on Saturday and I need to study every chance I have. Once that's over, though, I'll try to push through and get back to a regular blogging schedule.

That's life lately.

(blog! fix yourself! why must you do that weird spacing thing where it looks like I fell asleep on the return key?)


  1. Epic roadtrip! Awesome. Can't wait to hear more about that. :)

    Good luck with the SATs!

    Ahahaha, I'm about to truly fall asleep on the space key. So tired. But for some reason this stupid essay won't write itself, so off I go!

  2. you should stuff me in your suitcase for your epic roadtrip. seriously.

    also, you shall do scathingly brilliant on your SAT's. i just know you shall.

    and i know exactly what you mean about the return key. my blog is always horridly spaced apart. it's awkward and bummy.

    great post, darling :))
    -jocee <3

  3. Hoping you get to go on the road trip, I'm sure it would be lovely! Glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving.

  4. Epic roadtrip sounds good. Makes me want to learn to drive!
    And good luck with the SAT. Seriously from your blog you sound really smart so I'm sure you will do great.
    And return keys are the most tempermental thing.

  5. have fun with the ACT - i dislike timed tests. with a flaming passion. :S

    and a road trip, eh? i'm always up for a road trip :)

    oh, my blog does that weird spacey thing, too. maybe blogger gets spaced out. *elbows* get it? spaced out? ;)

  6. please tell me that this epic roadtrip has something to do with the 'GUESS WHAT.' tweet.

  7. I think your roadtrip should swing by oklahoma. just sayin'. ;) also, abbey's comment is cracking me up. oh how I love you two.

  8. Gah, the SAT's. I certainly don't miss it. But best of luck and hope studying goes well!

  9. Katie.
    I love you too.
    And I want to hear all about your road trip if you go.

  10. your epic roadtrip sounds exciting! i was supposed to have a little december holiday away to singapore but that didn't work out, so i'm sadsadsad. :\ but other than that, december has been working out just fine! :)

    p/s: there's a giveaway happening over at my blog!

  11. Ew. SAT.

    The good news is you're brilliant. YES!

    I really wish now I'd done a road trip with friends before getting all old and stuff.

    Oh wait. I did do that. Doh! I forgot. Hm.

    Here's hoping yours is way more memorable.

  12. Kendall- CAAAANADA. you should COME with me.

    Jocee- I hate it when that happens :P

    Megan- thanks dear :)

    Libby- so the problem is, I'm smartish, but I don't study enough and I don't retain knowledge...soo it was interesting. thanks for the luck though :)

    Anna- how are they even an accurate measure of intelligence or knowledge or whatever? I'm a terrible test taker. :P come see me when Bleah comes! you only live in kentucky, it's so close.

    Abbey- heck yes it does.

    Carlotta- yesyesyes. we could have a giant meetup and it would be wonderful.

    Capillya- thank you so much!

    Jodie- you betcha you'll hear about it. ;)

    Sarah- ohh, Singapore! that sounds amazing! hope it works out for another time. ;)

    Carolina- hmm, that's depressing. go on another one!


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