21 November 2011

big and little things. (grateful: part two.)


I used to keep a list of things that I was thankful for. Every night, I'd write down eight or twelve things, huge, important things (like God and my family) and little details like a new scarf. I'm not sure when or why I stopped writing them down, but books like this one and things like Thanksgiving remind me.

I'm super thankful for Thanksgiving break. I have tentative plans with my sisters to go see Hugo at some point during break. We all loved the book, and the movie looks magical.

I'm thankful for my church. We've been going there since we moved to Indiana, four and a half years ago. It's grown a lot since then, and it's been so fun to see it grow and change.

Best friends. Wow, I'm so, so thankful for them. Whether it's a picture of the Beatles texted to me, or tickle fights on the couch (sorry we were so noisy, Mom), they make everything better.

I'm incredibly thankful for Mom and Dad. I feel sad for you because you've (likely) never met them, and my parents are wonderful. I'm not even joking (or saying this because I know that they'll read it), they're some of the most amazing people I know. (The rest of my family goes on this list as well, fyi.)

I'm thankful for: the Beatles, skype dates with Bleah, Florence + the Machine's song Shake it Out, John Green's upcoming book, quiz days at econ class, the way my purse always smells like gum, days where the sky is really grey, the way my Toms fit perfectly after wearing them all summer long, and that one bookstore in Paris.


  1. this was such a beautiful post. i must say i'm thankful for thanksgiving break, even if mine is only two days because of catching up on school, etc, but it's better than none at all. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. I am definitely thankful for thanksgiving break too. :) Also, even if you don't do it anymore, I like that you ever did make a list of things that you were thankful for... I never did that, but I think its a great idea

  3. a most awesome post. i love that picture. i really want to see hugo, but sarah doesn't so much. (she says it doesn't look enough like the book, i'm just like whatever...maybe we'll like it more than the book.)

  4. I thought that was you in the picture!

    I've been doing the same thing... I have a notebook full of things I'm thankful for and I'm trying to get to 1000.

    I like the way you said "that one bookstore in Paris" :)

    xx, annie

  5. i'm thankful for my newfound love for skinny jeans.
    i'm thankful for soul sisters that send you sour patch kids and new journals right when you need them.
    i'm thankful for new beginnings.
    i'm thankful for God showing me that the little things.. aren't so little. they're huge.

  6. I wrote gratitude lists too--and then my journalling lapsed and I stopped and I wrote about the bad stuff.
    I'm thankful for...
    days off, planning trips, songs that sound like summer, good friends, hugs from good friends when they know I am upset, baking bread.

  7. Girl, your header is freakin amazing!! :) I love it!! Your whole blog is awesome! :)

  8. Amen with the Thanksgiving Break. And pretty much everything else. :) Also, I got my mom to pre-order the Fault in Our Stars for me in exchange for some Halloween candy. A good trade, I think. :)

  9. This was absolutely beautiful loved it.


  10. I like this very much. the end. xo

  11. that's an adorable picture! lovely post overall as well


  12. i just saw hugo yesterday! it was sooo good.

  13. The picture is so lovely, and I enjoyed the post. :)


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