26 August 2011

little lion man.

It was not your fault but mine, and it was your heart on the line...

My life has not been particularly exciting this week. Except for when Jenny B Jones and Natalie Lloyd posted links to my blog. I appropriately freaked out, did a happy dance around my room, then told my best friend. Jenny has a fantastic post today about teaching a writing class.

Also. Work. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I applied for a job and scheduled an interview. My first day was Monday. I absolutely love it. It was just training this week. Next week I Officially Start Waiting Tables. We'll see how it goes. ;)

I start classes at Taylor on Wednesday. Currently, I'm enrolled in an Adobe Illustrator class, a Photoshop class, and an econ class. I'm mostly excited for the Photoshop class. It's a pre-req to all the photography classes, meaning that next semester I can take at least one of them.

That's life lately! How has your week been?

16 August 2011

paris stories.

The first: I was six. We were learning French from Muzzy, and Mum told us that when we moved to Holland, we would be near the Eiffel Tower and French speakers. Remember the summer when it was so hot, and all the old people were dying? That's the first time I went to Paris.

The second: Dad had a speaking appointment or something in Paris, and I tagged along with him. I made my mum French braid my hair so that the little French girls wouldn't laugh at me.

The third: Last summer I was on my way to Jordan, and due to several different things, I missed my connecting flight from Paris to Jordan. Of course, that meant touring Paris for a few hours.

The fourth: nearly a month ago (how is it possible I've been home a month?) I had one day in Paris with my parents.

15 August 2011

walt whitman said:

Eventually I'll get around to writing more posts with Paris photos. I have the photos all picked out and ready to go, but it takes so long to upload that many photos, so...maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, I present to you my new favorite quote, above.

How have you been?

09 August 2011

blackberries and firsts.

I had my first job interview yesterday.

Honestly, it was a little scary.

Sitting and talking about mainly myself and why it would be good for the owners to have me work for them isn't necessarily my favorite thing to do. However, it went really good, and I'll hear back from them next week if I got the job.

Before the interview, I picked blackberries with Joseph and Abigail. We were a little early in the season for them, and as a result, barely filled up an inch in the bottom of a bucket.  

It was fun though, and gave us something to do. :)

He said, "I'll let you take one picture of me if I can use your camera afterwards."

I said, "Okay, but only for a minute."

I didn't get Darcy back for another twenty minutes. Without knowing it, he was shooting with the ISO set at 3200. On a sunny day. In August. Needless to say, he had the shutter speed cranked way up.

I'm pretty proud, though. I had my camera on manual, and he managed both that and my manual focus lens. In his words: "I'm an awesome photographer, you just don't let me use Darcy."

For the record, I've shared my camera twice this week, something I never do. 

So. Many. Spiders.

They were everywhere. We couldn't walk without hitting a web with our faces. At least they're photogenic.

I almost walked right into the big yellow and black one, less than an hour after Joseph warned us how bad their bites are. I shrieked, pointed at it, whipped off my lens cap and started shooting.

It's like a jungle outside. Green, growing things everywhere. Personally, I'm ready for everything to turn brown and red and orange. I've been trying to convince myself that we're creeping towards fall, but it looks as though we'll have at least a few more weeks of summer.

Incidentally, we're nearly out of the specaloos that we brought back from France. They're my favorite, and I got used to eating them all the time in France. I wish we had an endless supply or something.

07 August 2011

and then it started storming.

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." 
Anton Chekhov

There isn't the same light, day-long drizzle here that I had all month long in Europe. 
Here, it storms, but it only lasts a few minutes. 
I miss the all-day-rainyness, but it's so nice to have actual storms, with thunder and lighting. 
My room, which lacks in light most of the time, gets amazing light during storms. 

I'm in the mood to re-paint my room. We've lived in this house for four years, and it's been the same yellow the entire time. I'm ready for something different. 
I like "Cool Pool," but I don't know, I change my mind too quickly to paint it a color like that. 
If I don't get the job tomorrow, maybe I can try to become the person who names paint chips, because really, what kind of a name is Cool Pool? 

have a happy Monday. 

06 August 2011

last days of summer.

this is what I wish my day had looked like. 

instead, I drank three cups of coffee with my baby sister and my best friend. 
and I scheduled a job interview for Monday. 
fingers crossed that they hire me!

are you enjoying the last few days of summer? 

04 August 2011

falling in love with the boy with the bread.

this photo amuses me way too much. 

Tada! That's my room. I really need new bookcase space. The shelves are packed as it is, and I have ten books loaned out at the moment. For the past week, I've had a steadily growing pile on my dresser of books, mainly library, that I had finished. It got to the point where I was afraid it would fall on my head during the night, so it's back down to four or five books I still need to read.

Have you seen the photos from Entertainment Weekly's spread on the Hunger Games trio? It's so fun to see them transform into their individual characters. I'm getting increasingly excited for this movie. Joseph, Anna, and I are reading our way through the series again.

I just started the first book ten minutes ago. I think it's worse this time around. I know the ending of the story, and I know what's going to happen to them. Because of this, it's harder to read. PB&J posted an amazing review of the books the other day. I'd highly suggest reading it. :)

I'm just at the part where Peeta gives Katniss the bread. I think this is the part where we first fall in love with him. He's one of my favorite characters (second only to Finnick). I like how hard he tries to keep Katniss alive- even before they get to the arena.

Have you read the Hunger Games yet? What did you think?