26 August 2011

little lion man.

It was not your fault but mine, and it was your heart on the line...

My life has not been particularly exciting this week. Except for when Jenny B Jones and Natalie Lloyd posted links to my blog. I appropriately freaked out, did a happy dance around my room, then told my best friend. Jenny has a fantastic post today about teaching a writing class.

Also. Work. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I applied for a job and scheduled an interview. My first day was Monday. I absolutely love it. It was just training this week. Next week I Officially Start Waiting Tables. We'll see how it goes. ;)

I start classes at Taylor on Wednesday. Currently, I'm enrolled in an Adobe Illustrator class, a Photoshop class, and an econ class. I'm mostly excited for the Photoshop class. It's a pre-req to all the photography classes, meaning that next semester I can take at least one of them.

That's life lately! How has your week been?


  1. i love the new look. jenny b. jones and natalie lloyd, you are so lucky (not even sure if they read my blog) also, you got your pottermore email, no fair! good luck in your classes and at work, waiting tables, ahh, i don't think i could do that.

  2. Well I was all prepared to write, "Wow, exciting stuff!" but Bleah bet me to it. :P
    Hope training goes well and you have fun with those courses!

  3. loving your blog :) happy to have found it.

  4. HA! you're a hypocrite. Why you ask? :P
    because I found this comment from you on my blog: "I love Adam Young :) Mostly cause his music makes me think of things like bubbles and cupcakes (I have no idea why), and also because he's SO funny. And the cover he did of In Christ Alone? BRILLIANT."

    see this post if you dont't believe me!

  5. Thank you so much for following my blog! I'll pre notify you- I'm having a bit of a competition later in the year! Can't wait! ( :
    I love your blog!
    Now I shall go look at your favourites!

  6. Thats so awesome you get to wait tables! Sounds like a fun week to me :)

  7. Thats so awesome you get to wait tables! Sounds like a fun week to me :)

  8. Ooooh fun fun! Btw, I love your blog header!

  9. I'm glad to hear that your new job and classes are both going well! I'm sure getting to take photography classes would be such a fun thing.

  10. Bleah- my life is so exciting, no? :)

    LF- I know for a fact that Natalie reads/looks at your blog, cause she comments on it every so often. Yeah, I figured that would be your reaction. :)

    Emii- oh well :) Thank you!

    Alycia- so glad you found it! :)

    Bleah- I changed my mind, I guess. I think it's funny that you found that, though.

    Romi- ohhh, excited to see more about this!

    Annie- I really love it :)

    Bookish- I'm so glad you like it!

    Natalie- thank you! I love keeping up with your blog :)

  11. ( : Excitement on both our sides! ( :
    I found so many new favourite blogs from your site! Thanks!

  12. Your classes sound fun (except for econ, so not my thing haha) I hope you enjoy them! xo

  13. Your classes sound good! And I could never be a waitress {I'm way too clumsy} but good luck!

  14. can't find your tumblr for some reason.
    anywho... David says call him at 6. And he wants you to be there (not feeling threatened), so if you can, call me around 6 and we'll 3-way. :D

  15. Sounds like a wonderful week -- have fun with your classes! ps. love the new look!

  16. Sounds like a busy/exciting time in life:-) You go girl! xoxo

  17. hey, lovely. ;) could you check out this blog? You don't have to follow it, but I hope you do!

    He's really cool. (David reads his blog now, and it freaks him out because he and David have EVERYTHING in common. All the way down to being writers, music taste, phineas and ferb and ritz crackers! :P)

  18. Katie:

    1) Ww should collaborate on something beautifully artistic someday.

    2) When you were in Paris did you visit the Louvre?


  19. hello,
    i've just found your blog via eleanor joy's - it's so pretty! looking forward to reading more.
    mumford & sons <3 they are so interesting. i love "dust bowl dance"
    good luck with your new classes! i'm at the art institute of philadelphia and i took a photoshop class a couple quarters ago - it's so cool! amazing how much that program can do, and we only really scratched the surface.

    take care!

  20. Romi- oh, so glad!

    Katie- yeah, econ will be interesting. :P

    Libby- that was my thought too, but apparently I can handle it :)

    Bleah- ha. okay.

    Hannah- thanks dear!

    Bon Bon- it's been good so far!

    Bleah- YES.

    Allyson- let's do it :) Not this time, but I have in the past. it's a beautiful museum!

    R. Chandra- thank you so much for the lovely comment!

  21. ( : Next time I model with them,, I'll make sure my sister takes a close up picture of the shoes! ( : They're pretty filthy from wearing them so much though!


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