04 August 2011

falling in love with the boy with the bread.

this photo amuses me way too much. 

Tada! That's my room. I really need new bookcase space. The shelves are packed as it is, and I have ten books loaned out at the moment. For the past week, I've had a steadily growing pile on my dresser of books, mainly library, that I had finished. It got to the point where I was afraid it would fall on my head during the night, so it's back down to four or five books I still need to read.

Have you seen the photos from Entertainment Weekly's spread on the Hunger Games trio? It's so fun to see them transform into their individual characters. I'm getting increasingly excited for this movie. Joseph, Anna, and I are reading our way through the series again.

I just started the first book ten minutes ago. I think it's worse this time around. I know the ending of the story, and I know what's going to happen to them. Because of this, it's harder to read. PB&J posted an amazing review of the books the other day. I'd highly suggest reading it. :)

I'm just at the part where Peeta gives Katniss the bread. I think this is the part where we first fall in love with him. He's one of my favorite characters (second only to Finnick). I like how hard he tries to keep Katniss alive- even before they get to the arena.

Have you read the Hunger Games yet? What did you think?


  1. Just remember Katie, Peeta is mine! ;) :))

  2. You have an awesome room!


  3. Awesome room! Your wall is very inspiring and seems to be a reflection of you. :)

    I haven't read the Hunger Games yet. I've bought the first book, and every time we go in Target I pick up the other two and look at them. But I know that if I start the first one, I'll have to buy the next two as soon as I finish it. I've got about 10 other books waiting to be read, so I'm trying to get a few of those finished before I start a trilogy! :) But I've heard so many good things about them that I don't know how much longer I can hold off.


  4. The second I read your post title, I knew what it was about XD I'm way too proud of that fact...

    I've read them. And I thought they were pretty amazing. They're probably not my favorite books, but you've gotta hand it to Suzanne Collins. She introduced us to characters so real they could be living next door, and the premise is completely fascinating. I definitely recommend them :D


  5. Your room looks so cool! I love all of the awesomeness that is your wall. :D Mine used to look like that, before I got mad at it one day and decided to tear everything down... not a good idea. Are you planning on taking any of that with you when you go to college, hehe? :)

    I have not read The Hunger Games. I obviously should, but I just haven't had time because I've had to read AP English books, and they've never been at the library. But I will someday!

  6. Super sweet of you to link up to the blog! I love your room, it is so cool. And, you know how I feel about the Hunger Games:)


  7. splendid room- it has so much personality. i am currently trying to add some pizaz to my own room, so thanks for the inspiration. your wall hangings are sweet!


  8. It's really funny you posted that, I was just about to pick it up for the first time after I read some blogs.
    We had to choose two books from a list of books for school over the summer, I finished my first one like two minutes ago and I chose the Hunger Games as my second as I was going to read it anyways...

  9. :O!!! I love the Hunger Games :D I can't wait for the movie!

    And yes. Finnick was amazing.
    I must say though, I never could bring myself to like Peeta. Gale, yes. Although, it appears the movie shall make Peeta quite tolerable for me. XD

  10. Shaina- that's debatable, but as long as I get Gale and Finnick! ;)

    Thanks Grace!

    Kristin- ohh, that's hard! you definitely need to buy them as soon as you get a chance. :)

    Stephanie- good for you! I'm proud of you too :)

    Natalie- planning on taking it all with me :)

    PB&J- oh, of course! I was super impressed with it :)

    Flor- glad I could help :)

    Sierra- that's awesome! I wish I could have had them as a school assignment.

    Ashley- ME TOO. I loved Gale so much more than Peeta, but I can see myself falling in love with movie Peeta. :)

  11. You're room is adorable!
    And The Hunger Games = love :)

  12. I've only read the first part of The Hunger Games. I read it within a day, because I couldn't stop reading. I got the second book at the library as well and almost fell asleep during the first chapter. I don't know. It just doesn't work...

    Is that one of John's live shows I spy on your laptop screen? :)

    Love your room, btw.

  13. I love your room. I read The Hunger Games series but will probably re-read them just before the film comes out here. Whenever that may be... {23rd March, imdb says}.

  14. Jodie- thanks beautiful :)

    Antonia- so you didn't like the second one? That's funny, that one is my favorite, which may or may not have to do with the appearance of Finnick.

    Libby- I think I'll probably be frantically re-reading them the week of the movie. March seems so far away!

  15. And YES, that's one of John's live shows. :)

  16. When you're done with that MacBook, send it to me. Thank you, doll :))
    -Jocee <3

  17. hahaha not a chnace, Jocee ;)

  18. Oh man I love that "Peeta's best friends" drawing. That is PURE GOLD.

    The Hunger Games series was one of those books that just makes you root. It's makes you cheer. It's the kind that keeps you up and night and makes you think about characters, wonder what they're doing when you're at work, y'know?

    You already know my thoughts about the movie. I saw the announcement for Catching Fire (my favorite of the series) releasing in 2013 and MAN. I'm so nervous.

    Oh, Finnick. Your story was so sad. You broke my heart. You charmed me and made me all misty-eyed. I loved a lot of secondary characters from the series! What was the name of the guy who kept biting the bullet for Katniss in Mockingjay? He was kinda the "big brother" figure? His name slips my mind at the moment but I loved him, too.

  19. Oh my goodness, Capillya, I love EVERY SINGLE THING about your comment.

    I'm completely torn up about the announcement of the second movie. It was my favorite book too, and I just don't know how they'll handle it. And FINNICK. I'm so nervous about his character.

    She did an amazing job with the secondary characters. Finnick, of course, was my favorite. Boggs was perfect (the character you're talking about?) and Cinna was brilliant.

  20. Oh.

    Your room is amaaaaazing. Seriously! It's like the really creative ones you see in music videos and television shows. But...better. I'm trying to make one of the walls in my room like this huge collage, but my mom keeps yelling at me and making me take stuff down because she says it's ugly and says it's like a huge jumble and looks messy. To that I say, “What's wrong with messy?” :D

    ANYWAY! I've read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire – yet I STILL HAVE NOT READ MOCKINGJAY. It's kind of insane, because I've been waiting to read that book for like, months. And still, I have not read it. Sigh.

    Your blog is kinda sorta VERY AWESOME. I love it! =)

  21. i've just been scrolling my way through your beautifully posts and then my heart stopped when i saw the title of this post. i'm so excited for this movie too!!


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