15 August 2011

walt whitman said:

Eventually I'll get around to writing more posts with Paris photos. I have the photos all picked out and ready to go, but it takes so long to upload that many photos, so...maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, I present to you my new favorite quote, above.

How have you been?


  1. I love these photos. More Paris would be lovely, but I know what you mean about the pictures taking forever to upload.

  2. My favourite quote of Walt's is 'as to me I know of nothing else but miracles'. :)
    More Paris photos would be lovely, but all of your photographs are pretty!

  3. Ahh! I'm in love with the quote. True perfection. Currently, my palms ARE covering continents... from Montreal I travelled to New York, from New York I travelled to England, from England to the European countries. :-) If you saw my very eccentric comment on Carlotta's blog, you would have heard that I may just be going to Paris soon. Dealing with excitement overload. :)
    xo Acacia

  4. What is a great quote! I can't wait to see more of Paris!

  5. Ah! I can't wait to see more Paris photos.

  6. looks like 'the world's at your fingertips'...literally! ;)) love you chica! i'll be sending your letter soon.

    -anna :)

  7. Hey. :) Of course I'd love to read Copperfield with you! Der der le fler... I'm on page 18. :) <3

  8. *sighs* this post totally made me want to see Paris.

    and yeahhh, that quote is pretty awesome. (:

  9. Yes! You can... do the guest post thing. I wasn't sure about that. ;)
    You still have my login right?

    Hmm... maybe it's just the Summer that's causing so few comments??? Hopefully.
    that's good that you still love me, you're not allowed NOT to love me. haha. <3

  10. Kendall- I love how you're always the first commenter :)

    Libby- I. Love. That.

    Acacia- That's so fun! Traveling always produces loads of excitement for me too :)

    Jennifer- :)

    Bookish- ahh I'm glad!

    Anna- can't wait to get it :)

    Bleah- I'll try to keep up :)

    Mary Rachel- thank you!

    Lily- someday.... ;)

    Bleah- herp derp.


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