06 August 2011

last days of summer.

this is what I wish my day had looked like. 

instead, I drank three cups of coffee with my baby sister and my best friend. 
and I scheduled a job interview for Monday. 
fingers crossed that they hire me!

are you enjoying the last few days of summer? 


  1. I'm trying to enjoy the remains of my summer, but I can feel the tide wave of school slowly creeping up on me, I guess I will try my best

  2. That video is lovely. School here doesn't start until September, and since we've only had two weeks of break so far, it's still the middle of summer to me.
    Good luck with the job!

  3. Good luck with your job interview! :)

    If only my summer could look like that video, too... but alas, that is not likely to happen. I am trying my best to make best of what's left of it though!

  4. Oh, how I wish this day looked like that video. However, today is confined to a theatre rehearsal, and then a murder mystery party. All lovely things, but oh, to have a bliss like that.

  5. My last days of summer are rather hectic; I'm home for two days then leave for the other end of the country. When I get back I'll only have a week before school starts but I plan on using it to the best of my ability -- swimming and forts and friends and crafts and other things.

    Good luck with your job interview! Hope it goes well.


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