07 November 2011

crazy nostalgia {guest post by Libby}

November is a good month for nostalgia; rainy days and cups of tea and dreams of warmth make a good recipe for looking back. I love pulling out old photo albums and seeing myself and my brother as babies, my parents on their wedding day, even my grandparents on trips when they were just parents. I like the way you couldn't quite see their faces and how my grandad composed cheap film photos with such care and the fact that they've been kept safe under vellum for thirty-odd years now.

Even my memories, however few there may be, are jolted by photos and things my parents or brother say or write. The mention of squirrels takes me back to Montreal, when I bake a photo of myself aged five decorating biscuits comes into my head, certain family jokes remind me of times in my life. 
Maybe this is why I blog and take pictures; a journal of words and photos which I can use to track the everyday moments and the fleeting times. Perhaps when I am older, I will have children of my own or nieces and nephews, and they will ask "Libby, what were you like when you were fourteen?" And I could, because I'm trying to print photos as well as store them online, show them every mundane photo of whatever I'd baked, and my cup of hot chocolate, and the scenes from the car window. Most of them will be unedited, but they will have probably faded slightly, gone speckled, or got scratched.
This feeling of wanting to capture moments is why I take pictures and fill journals. To remember, on rainy November days in twenty or thirty years time, who I was and what I did.

Do you ever feel crazily nostalgic?


  1. my crazy sense of nostalgia arrived yesterday afternoon as i was saying goodbye to my friends at camp. we interned together for the weekend, a weekend that went by a little bit too fast. i swore to haley i wouldn't cry...i did a little bit, but i suppose i was entitled to.
    since then, everything's triggered a precious memory of mine.
    great post, libby, loved this :))
    -jocee <3

  2. my crazy sense of nostalgia was yesterday. i had a sense of deep nostalgia. nostagia is a beautiful thing -- and you've portrayed it beautifully!
    xxx acacia

  3. this is crazy beautiful, libby. you never fail to amaze me. xoxo.

  4. Great photos and they always are!


  5. crazy nostalgia attacked me today. last week, i bought forty prints from walgreens. flipping through all of the memories and smiles, it just hit me.

  6. i love these! expecially the last one! soooo cool

  7. Now I feel very nostalgic after reading this. Fall is the perfect nostalgic time come to think of it. This post even gave me goosebumps I will now be following both of you. Lovely blogs.:)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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