15 May 2009


Sometimes you see an image or a place or a sunset or a waterfall or something that was so breathtakingly beautiful that you will never in your life forget.

For me, it was a sunset.

This sunset happened in October two years ago, right after the soy beans had been cut and the air was thick with dust and ladybugs. My dad was gone but the rest of the family had taken their customary places in our living room in front of the big picture window to watch the sunset. We waited, and our waiting paid off.

Even at the very start of the sunset, we could tell that it would be beautiful.

The sun was painting colors in the sky, at first, pale, rosy colors, but then deepening until the climax of the sunset.

As we looked out our picture window, the sky was lit on fire. You could see the flames reflect off the clouds and the smoke curl at the bottom off the ground. The trees were displayed out against the flame-filled sky, stark and black. If you looked closely, you could see, in the distance, the power lines standing out against the rich colors of the sunset.

I'm always going to remember that awe-inspiring sunset, the only time I have ever seen the sky on fire. Some things you can't forget, like a sunset on an October night

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  1. Kates,

    That's a powerful shot and a nice little bit of prose. Thanks.



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