05 August 2009

On our way

A couple of times a year my family visits Colorado. This is a two-day long trip, usually with one stop in Illinois, then continuing on the next day for a fifteen-hour drive. The first day is usually enjoyable, but on the second day of driving, everyone is tired of driving, they want to get out of the car, headphones are broken, snacks are gone, the car is trashed, and even in our eight passenger suburban, everyone feels crowded, and we just want to get to grandma's house.

This year it seemed particularly stressful getting out the door. We were waiting to find out if we could get free tickets to an amusement park, we had to load the car, and on top of everything else, one of our kittens got hit by a car. I panicked when I saw it rolling over, and just when I was about to run and see if it was ok, it kept on running and ran straight back to our deck in the back of our house. Thankfully, it was fine, except for a sore back leg.

Even with all the stress and chaos of getting out of the house and the long days in the car, Colorado is worth it.

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