11 December 2009

snow day

Not. I wish it were a snow day. Where I live, we've had snow all of two times, and a wimpy one inch both times. I just wish it would snow. My whole house is starting to look nice and Christmasy, but one look out the window, and nooo, no snow. The worst part? Its freezing cold. Now, I love snow, and I don't mind cold as long as snow comes with it, but when its miserably cold outside and there's no sign of snow, that's just ridiculous!

On the bright side of Christmas preparations, we put up our Christmas tree last week, and it's beautiful. I'm downloading the free iTunes Holiday Sampler, and I love it. There's just something about Christmas music by artists that are popular now, not fifty years ago. In addition to the iTunes Holiday Sampler, the Single of the Week is Joy to the World by David Archuleta, and it's worth listening too. On the subject of iTunes, I really need a gift card!!!! I downloaded iTunes 9 three days ago, and now my wish list is over $100. On the top of my list is the new Switchfoot CD. I previewed all the songs, and I can't wait until Christmas. My mom won't let me buy a gift card, because I'm asking for one for Christmas. But you can never have too much iTunes money, can you?

Check out The Inkwell to see what they're doing Christmas-wise!


  1. Hey, I got the holiday sampler to!!! haha I love the free section on iTunes!!!! :D RAPIDS

  2. That's cool! btw, thanks for sending it to me!

  3. haha You're welcome!!! :D RAPIDS


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