08 April 2012

five happy things and one sad.

Chinese food for lunch with this crazy little girl. Instagraming (@katie_esther) through my pretty -and shiny!- new ipod touch. Celebrating my 17th birthday last Tuesday, and all the fun things that come along with that (like cake, birthday presents, tulips from the boy, and bright pink sunburned legs). Going through boxes of old photos, and laughing at the memories. Watching Titanic for the first time last night (oh, Jack) with my best friend+my little sister.

I said goodbye to my mama yesterday- two more weeks in Colorado for her. Not fun for me.

Happy Easter!

ps. I am trying not to feel guilty about not blogging, and hopefully, I'll be around more throughout the next few months and the summer. :)


  1. Happy belated birthday (again). Oh, I want to see Titanic -- I've never watched it all the way through.

    P.S. Don't feel guilty about not blogging. Just....blog more. :P I miss your posts.

  2. one more happy thing -- seeing your and your sister's smiling faces. and reading your words...THAT I'VE MISSED. :) x

  3. oh jack is right. also, i be jealous of you and instagram. i need a phone soo bad.
    -jocee <3

  4. Happy late birthday! Sounds like you had a good time!

  5. Happy Birthday!! And don't feel guilty, it won't help. :)

  6. Happy birthday!

    P.S. That's your little sister, right? She reminds me of Lucy in the Narnia films. :)


  7. You are so pretty Katie. Period. And your little sister of course :)
    Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fun day and the way you describe is sounds plain lovely.

    I'm going to make watching Titanic a priority. :)

    xx, Annie.

  8. Happy Late Birthday, Dear! :)
    oh, and Titanic is the only moving I remember actually crying over.
    Jack Dawson captured my heart & Titanic is my favorite movie!

  9. totally love that picture! glad your back for now (: I love titanic but it's so hard to watch sometimes lol tulips are the best!


  10. Happy late 17th!!! Instagram rocks! YEAAH. Would love if you followed me at meredithsledge. :) And Titanic?! You just saw it for the first time! WASN'T IT AWESOME!?

  11. ah hope you had a lovely seventeenth birthday and wishing you a happy year of it too. love the photo, you both are really pretty, gorgeous smiles. titanic is probably my third favorite romance movie of all time. so glad you enjoyed it. xx

  12. Happy birthday, Katie! I'm a new follower of your blog. Quite enjoying it! [:


    (P.S. - I was looking at your list of blogs you love; I wanted to note that you have Bleah Briann's blog [www.blonde4christ.blogspot.com] listed as "where love remains". It's now called "Lovely". Just thought you would like to know.)

  13. katie, love ,through my pretty -and shiny!- new ipod touch, tulips from the boy and oh, Jack
    love you katie

  14. Happy belated, Katie! And you're just now watching Titanic?! WHAT.

  15. Hi Katie!
    I just followed your blog, would you consider giving me a follow back?


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