06 September 2012

her side of the mountain.

These are the mountains where my mom grew up. The place she loves most, more than Turkey, more than the Netherlands, more than England or France or anywhere else in the world. 

It's interesting and strange to see all these places I've heard about in her stories- "There's the tree where I tied up Uncle Jeff," and, "That's my old house, the one right next to the road. It's your grandma's favorite house we've ever lived in." And, because she's the kind of person who shops for property around the world: "This is the house I want to buy. Look how much land it has!" 

The air smells different on the mountain. It's just a few hours away from fall, at least ten degrees cooler than the city, and the kind of air you strain your lungs to inhale. And it's not so much that I love her side of the mountain, more so that I love watching her love it, and I love watch my sisters fall in love with it. 

(35mm film.)


  1. Katie (or should I say Katherine for extra benefit?) Esther Bennett. You are so freaking amazing/talented/wonderful I can't even handle it. These images are stunning. You sure do know how to work a film camera. And your words are equally gorgeous. Like, I can just come here and read what you write and I instantly feel better. One day you will be famous and I will be able to say that I knew you way back then. Love you. And can't wait for our skype date this weekend!

  2. Oh gosh, love these photos. Foxes are the best animals ever!

  3. Woooooooooahhhhhhhhhhh. This is awesome. You are awesome.

  4. Gah, this story and film is amazing. I love the simplicity and honesty in it. You are so cool.

  5. Katie, I love the depth that is here. I love the authenticity and simplicity and intentionality and bare honesty to all of your words and photos. I am continually and constantly inspired by you and I am so blessed to have you as a friend. keep on loving fiercely and living your life fully. you are a gem and I am so thankful that you are one of my besties.

    and these photos are beautiful.

  6. one: these are freaking amazing.
    two: the third fox photo reminded me of fantastic mr. fox.
    three: my dad is like your mom, in that he also shops for property around the world (and i think i've inherited that from him.)
    four: i really miss the mountains now.
    six: like, really wonderful.

  7. I love the first picture and the fox ones and the last one because it really reminds me of California and most of all I love it when you write.

  8. Oh these look like where I use to live:) The fox is the cutest ever!!!
    Gorgeous pictures!! someone in the second to last pic is feel'in awesome:P

  9. oh, fine. that's okay. i didn't need my heart anyway.
    seriously, though, these photos, words, all of it, is just so beautiful that it decided to steal my heart and paste it into the photos of the foxes. really, katie. you are so talented. we need to have a commending commencement celebration for your creativity. or something like that.
    really. this is my favourite. :)

  10. these is seriously seriously beautiful. the end.

  11. I had to come comment again, because these are so beautiful and your words make my heart ache.

    love you lots.


  12. FOX! Wow. So great. I love, love love these shots.

  13. Wow. Your photos are so, so, so incredible.

  14. File this under things that make me cry, and things that make me want to hug you, and things that make me want to meet your family.

  15. It's so beautiful there.
    I love that your mom loves where she came from.


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