13 July 2009

Don't forget to sign the door!

In our new house, we have started a new tradition in our family. We have a coat closet in our entryway with a plain white door. If you open the door and look inside the closet you will see a neat row of coats, and, to the left of the coats, a hanging row of cubbies holding mittens, gloves, and hats for winter. As far as you can see, it is a normal closet, with nothing special about it.

If you turn to the inside of the door you will see white paint, and a lot of signatures. With the exception of a few people, every single person who has ever slept in our house since we put that door up has signed the door. Some people try to come up with profound words, others try to outdo each other with elaborate drawings, and some simply sign their name. The only bad thing about this is that we, my family, will never get to sign the door, since we live here.

So the next time you look inside someone's coat closet, turn your head and see if maybe, just maybe, someone signed the door.


  1. haha Joseph showed me the door last weekend, and I forgot to sign it!!! :0 lol :D RAPIDS

  2. lol I forgot I was gonna tell you you needed to sign it! maybe next time though! :)

  3. :) Yeah, that'd be cool!!! :D RAPIDS


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