01 July 2009

What's not to love about moms?

My mom is an amazing person. Not only does she put up with all five of us kids on a daily basis, (as does my dad) she is really supportive of a lot of the things we do.

Earlier today, my parents called us into the family room. The announcement was: the older three of us could get Facebook accounts. Yes! We had been bothering our parents for a few months so we were super excited when they finally said yes. That part was both of my parents decision, so awesomeness points go to both of them!

Later on in the day, i was in the kitchen working on something, when my mother came in and asked me if I wanted her iPod. Hmm, that takes a lot of thought. Of course! I asked her if she was giving it to me, or if I needed to buy it. She said that she would give it to me because a friend of ours had just given us an iPhone! I'm super excited. I've had money to buy a nice iPod for a long time, but there have been things I wanted more, like my laptop. And then, to top it all off, my mom gave me her headphones. Thank God for moms.

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