28 June 2009

Wake-boarding is Amazing, and Sunburn is NOT

On last Saturday morning my brother, sister, and I went to spend the week with friends while our parents were gone at a conference in Georgia. For Saturday, Sunday, and Monday we went up to Crooked Lake up by Fort Wayne, IN.

I thought that we would spent the three-day weekend tubing behind our friends' boat, and maybe swimming a little bit. Instead, they purchased three wake-boards over the course of the weekends, and kept two.

On Saturday, we started to try. We didn't have instructions or anything, so we had to figure out how to do it on our own.

We ended up going back to the cottage with only one person successfully getting on top of the water: me!

On my second try, I managed to get on top of the water, even though I squatted the whole time and never actually stood up. But hey, I got on top of the water, and for that I am proud!

The next day the teenage guys looked up instructions for how to wake-board the real way, with much better results than before.

We stayed out on the water for most of the day, coming back in to eat a late lunch at 3:00, then we went back for more wake-boarding. This is where the sunburn comes in.

We thought that we put sunscreen on, we thought that we put it on good, but we didn't. The result being: we got burnt. Badly.

That night when we came in, we kept our legs as stiff and straight as we could, since they looked like lobsters and felt like they were on fire. Getting to sleep that night was NOT fun!

And now, nearly a week later, my sunburn is STILL peeling from when it started two days ago. I'm totally used to my shoulders and back peeling off a few days after I get burnt, but not my ears. Yes, my ears peeled. Gross! At this point, my legs have still not peeled, and are red and itchy.

Now, with my sunburn going away, I can't wait to go back on the wake-board and try to do some tricks!

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  1. That sunburn was NOT fun at all!! Good job Katie. I enjoyed reading this one (not like I haven't enjoy your other posts).




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