07 June 2009

SERVE 2009

Every summer our church hosts an event called SERVE. During this event, the church sends out around a hundred teens and elementary kids. They go out into the city and do service projects around the community. The teenagers spent the whole week at the church and sleep in classrooms. The younger kids do service projects during the day and then spend the night at their houses. SERVE impacts people all over Muncie. it is really cool to see how appreciative people are of what you've done.

SERVE isn't all work. You normally get placed on a team with someone you requested. On Wednesday night, we have a party for the teenagers in SERVE, better known as "The hog roast," complete with slip'n'slide, pond, bonfire, and roasted hog. The hog's head is left displayed on a table so teenage boys can get their picture biting, kissing, or licking it.

On Friday night we host a Party in the Parking Lot of our church for the whole city. We have blowup games, a rock-climbing wall, free Hawaiian Shaved Ice, free Lemon Shake-ups, free hot-dogs and hamburgers, free lemonade, ect.

SERVE is the best week of my summer. I really enjoy being with all my friends and having fun while I help people in my city.

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