08 February 2010

Back in Action

Last time I wrote I killed my computer. I had just typed up the post, published it, read it over again to make sure there wasn't something I needed to edit, and set my laptop down on my desk. I then stood up, tripped on my boot, fell forward, and caught myself on my desk. When I caught myself, I knocked my elbow against my laptop, and it fell on the ground. It hasn't worked since. My dad put a new hard drive in it, because we thought that's what the problem was, but it still wasn't working. Today my mom did something to it, and ta-da! It works! And that is my explanation for why I haven't been blogging.


  1. So glad to hear you are ok, but sorry about your laptop:) That sounds like me:)

  2. so, I'm trying to figure out which one is which, and I'm guessing that comment #1 is Paper Bird, and comment #2 is Little Fairy. Am I right? haha :)


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