15 February 2010

Claymation, Cremation, Animation, and the Human Blender

At life group on Friday night my friend came up to me and said: "I have something to tell you. Did you know that cremation isn't a human blender?"

Earlier that day at school she had been sitting in class and turned around to whisper to her friend, "Please don't cremate me when I die."

Her friend nodded. After a pause, she turned around again. "How does cremation work? Do they cut off your arms and legs before they throw you into the blender, or do they just throw you in whole?"

Her friend stared at her, then asked "You don't want me to burn you and scatter your ashes, right? Did you think cremation was a human blender?"

My friend stared back at her. "Ohhh, cremation isn't a human blender? I thought that they ground you up, then you dried out and they scattered you."

At that point, they both started laughing really hard.

On Sunday night after youth group a few of the students and one of the youth pastors were hanging out in one of the offices. My friend started to tell her story, and asked one of our other friends if she knew what cremation was. She did, but couldn't think of the right word for it. "Isn't it like animation? What's the other word for it? It's like animation, except it's not real people, it's like the people who made the movie made them."

No one could figure out what she meant, until our youth pastor asked her if she meant claymation. "Yes! Isn't that the same thing as cremation?"

Everyone started to laugh, then our pastor explained that claymation is a type of animation using figures made out of clay.

I still think that a human blender is a good idea.


  1. wow, those two girls sounds rreeeeally funny!!!!
    wonder who they are O_o
    btw- I was the one who found it was claymation that Shaina was guessing :) but it's all good, he had to explain it anyways because I was laughing so hard.

  2. hmmmm me too!!! haha sorry :) do you want me to fix it?


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