29 March 2010

National Find-A-Rainbow Day

Saturday is National Find-A-Rainbow Day. (When typing the title, I miss-spelled rainbow three times.) I'm so excited... I think NFARD is one of my most favorite holidays ever.

Reasons why:

...I love rain! and, of course, to have a rainbow you must have rain.

...it reminds me of my favorite neighborhood park in England. in the spring, that park was beautiful. crocuses covered all of the grass, and everything was growing, and it smelled like spring.

...rainbows are beautiful.
and I love beautiful things.

...AND NFARD is my birthday. oh yes. fifteen years old. I'll be looking for a rainbow every single minute of the day.

(Ali- I fully expect something rainbow-ish for my birthday. ha. ha. Just kidding.)

It's supposed to "lightly shower" on the 3rd, so hopefully there will be enough for a rainbow. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've seen a single rainbow during the entire 3+ish years I've lived in Indiana. Sad day. Oh well. Maybe this year.

I love obscure holidays. Tell-A-Lie Day and National Honesty Day are both in April (the 4th & the 30th). Irony? I think so.

I really don't know how true NFARD is, but I've seen it more than one place while trying to see if there was a holiday on my birthday. And even if it isn't real, I'm still celebrating.

That picture (the very first flower this year!) is proof. Proof that spring is here!


  1. Happy birthday! And just get the rain in front of you, and the sun behind you, and you'll be able to find a rainbow.

  2. Happy, happy, happy, early Birthday! I really enjoyed this post...oh the irony! If the sun comes out instead of rain, no worries just run a hose and let the sun do its thing (bubbles also work, even inside:) Have a great day!

    PB & J :)

    (By the way I love my new name)

  3. Ha, I'll do my best, but I can't promise anything. I'm really excited about Saturday :)
    Oh- I can come on Friday.
    This post was really really funny.
    Today's april fools day! for some reason thats exciting...

  4. thanks for the the happy birthdays!

    we actually got a hose out to jump on the trampoline with and I looked nickname too :D


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