01 March 2010


I accidentally deleted the template I had on my blog. I was looking for a new one that I liked anyways, but I wasn't ready to change it yet. So bear with me until I get a new one. :) I'm thinking about switching to Wordpress. I was looking at it tonight and it looks like it has more themes and I think that I could do more with it. Just a thought though, but Blogger hasn't been working well for me lately, and since they redid the comment viewer, it's not as easy to use. I'm not sure, so I'll think about it and ask my dad.


  1. well I am personally loving the new look, hopefully I'll be getting my book blog soon and I might just steal the blue font on the white background. love it.


  2. yay, I'm glad you like it! That's totally fine by me :)


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