04 June 2011

this is my face and my voice.

You should probably expect a lot of these in the future. Crazy enough, I like this whole vlog thing. 

Please note the way I say 'town' at one point. I promise I don't say it like that in real life. 
And. Clearly I was nervous. I rarely, if ever, ate the fish in my fish and chips. So let's revise that to say, "hopefully we'll get some chips." And if we're lucky, some bacon crisps. 

Have a lovely weekend. 


  1. Cool vlog! Your summer sounds so fun. And 77 degrees? All the places I'm going are h-o-t. :P Have a great day!

  2. I love your voice, Katie!! It's so sweet. (:

    annnnnd remember: if you/when you stalk Skandar, make sure to get me an autograph!!! Bleah can give you my address to have it sent. :DDDD

    love always,

  3. Love the vlog!
    It's such a great idea to do one.

    oh, and loving the side braid, too! :)

    <3 jana.

  4. Your accent is adorable. I like hearing any kind of American accent, and German accents too. I think they sound beautiful.
    Since England had a really hot April, the driest past few months on record, I am predicting rain for the entirety of your stay in Manchester.

  5. Kendall- thanks dear! :) ughhh I hate heat. :P

    Lily- aww thank you so much! I'll try :) I'm not going to London, so I doubt I'll run into him.

    Jana- the side braid looks a lot like yours, doesn't it? ;)

    Libby- you are too sweet :) thank goodness! I'm so ready for constant rain.


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