31 May 2011

time sucessfully wasted.

Theoretically, this post is to warn you that I'll be gone the rest of the week finishing up school. I've put off writing this because once I click publish, I will really have to get down to business -"let's get down to business, to defeat the Huns"- (now it's in your head too) begin working. So far this morning I've browsed Urban Outfitters, enjoyed a cup of coffee, examined my sunburn, and cleared out my Google Reader.

Procrastination kills.

I then spent fifteen minutes trying to embed the above video, and then realized that the reason it wasn't working was not, in fact, that I dodn't know how to embed a video, but that Firefox was acting weird.


Last week of school, here I come!


  1. I definitely think of Mulan every time I hear that phrase. :) And Charlie is beyond adorable in every way possible, so there's that. Good luck getting through your last week of school! Summer awaits you on the other end of this madness!

  2. That guy sounds like this person in the Carniege Shadowing Scheme at school crossed with my Chemistry teacher who is actually from Peru but speaks English better than most people in England.
    Good luck with your last week of school, and I hear I hear you on that procrastion lark, because that may or may not be what I'm doing right now.

  3. Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons? {I adore Disney music.}

    I am also a champion procrastinator. I'm doing it right now, actually. I should be doing homework for my online class. :)


  4. quoting perhaps the greatest song in the greatest disney movie. awesome.

  5. Ha. Watching youtube videos is a great method of procrastination! I really should be studying for my finals that are tomorrow but instead here I am. *le sigh* I can't wait for summer. Good luck finishing up school. :)

  6. Good luck finishing up your classes. :) I'm procrastinating right now... well, sort of.

    -- Pearl

  7. Haha I know the what you mean about finishing up. Work hard! (Also nice song reference, I love that one!)

    On a side note, I've been gone from blogger for the past few months as I've finished school up and I came back and was checking my site traffic and noticed I had gotten some traffic from your site. So I came over and saw your "I think your wonderful" page. Thanks for your comments and for linking me! :)

    That was actually a very fascinating video that I watched whilst procrastinating.

  9. Natalie- me too! and yes, so true. I love him.

    Libby- oh my word. your comment totally cracked me up.

    Kristin- ahh now it's back in my head! :)

    LF- I would agree that it's the greatest song, but surely not the greatest movie?

    Kendall- glad I could help you procrastinate ;)

    Pearl- thanks so much :)

    Jackson- so glad you're back! And you're very welcome. I love you blog and your photos :)

    Jillian- three cheers for Charlie aiding in the procrastination of teenage girls everywhere ;)

  10. Holy smokes.
    You posted the same video I did...before I did.
    I am like totally sorry.
    That's almost stealing in a sense.
    I appologize.
    I can delete my post if you want haha

  11. Jodie, it is not a problem at all! I love you too much...I'd probably be ok with it if you copied and pasted my entire blog onto yours :)

  12. Bleah and I decided that she gets dibs on Adam Young and since you're gonna go find Charlie in London, I get dibs on him the rest of the time. ;)

    Btw, you probably wonder why I'm suddenly reading your blog... It's because Bleah likes you so much, therefore, I like you too. You're cool. ^_^


  13. Alyson, umm, no way! I totally get him ALL the time ;)

    aww, I like you too <3 you're pretty amazing yourself!


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