05 May 2011

dancing until midnight, self portraits, and the little things.

Hello there! I feel like I've been a bit of an absentee blogger, even though I keep telling myself that I did blog on Friday, and that's less than a week ago. It feels longer than that. Am I the only one who gets annoyed by bloggers who post something along the lines of, "oh my word, I can't believe it's been two whole days since I've posted!"

Really? I'm lucky to post twice a week.

I've been a bit busy lately; mostly with school and prom. Friday night was prom and it was ammmmazing. Dancing plus best friends plus continuing a little tradition we call "breaking bathroom sinks in every place we go" plus losing the limo equals a lovely night.

We started working on our final project in drawing this week. Three days into it, and, as my dad phrased it, it's making me want to never take another art class again. Remember those drawings we used to do when we were kids? The ones with the grid that you copied onto another paper...you know, grid drawings? We have to do a massive, grown-up version of that. The subject? Us.

So that's me, if you were wondering. We're assigned twenty squares a day, every day except for Sunday. It is monotonous, time consuming, and sucking the creativity out of me. I did manage to knock out forty-ish squares during our two hour class yesterday, so there's a definite plus.

In different ways, I'm both ready and not ready for this semester to be over. There's been a lot of change and new things in the past few months, mostly Taylor, and I'm not ready for that to be over. It's going to be weird not waking up at 6 every Monday and Wednesday morning to go draw for two hours.

I am, however, so completely ready to not get up at 6 o'clock twice a week.

It's funny how the small things that make a day better. Yesterday didn't start out very stellar. I woke up an hour late with twenty minutes to get ready, so no shower. My contacts wouldn't stay in, as a result, I wore glasses all day. They're too big for my face, so I always have to do that awkward nerd thing where you shove your glasses up your nose. When Joseph and I got in the car, already running a few minutes late, it was dead.  

Butttt I managed to draw forty squares at class, so today I can either not draw anything, or get a little ahead. After chapel they gave us free donut holes. Taylor-from-lit-class said she loves my scarf, and she says something along those lines almost every class. She's amazing. I bought a new pack of my favorite pencils because my friend Alex stole one and the other has no eraser left. Youth group was bittersweet in the best kind of way; we said goodbye to two fantastic leaders who we won't see until the end of the summer, but it's been such a blessing to get to know them this year. I love how such small, unimportant things can change a day.

I have two left...of everything. Two weeks of 180. Two weeks of Taylor. Less than two months until I leave for Europe.

It seems like every time I update you on travel plans, my mother reads it and tells me something along the lines of, "oh, actually we're only going to be in England for four days, and we're going to be in Holland for four days, and it looks like we've added Belgium to the list."

I know. It just keeps getting more and more exciting.

And guys, have you noticed? It is 100%, completely, sunshiney spring outside.

I've figured out how to use my 50mm, manual focus and everything (pictures two, three, and four). It's gotten to the point where it's weird to use either of my auto focus lenses. Just another little accomplishment that's made me smile.

Bleah and I have a phone date planned for tonight, and I'm finally growing my nails out. Life is happy.

**quick technical blog question: does anyone know how I can change the photos so they don't have that stupid shadow? any help would be much appreciated. 


  1. a date it is.

    wow. it's awesome to actually see a picture of what you're doing since you've been telling me for awhile now. :)

    Whoop woop! We can both grow our nails out together. :)


  2. Hate those grids! In our still life lessons we have to copy these paintings of cross-hatched wine bottles. Not fun.
    But Beligum? And the Netherlands? And England? And France? And... well, I'm jealous! All that amazing travelling in one summer.

  3. that prom picture is just too cute.

    i wish i had enough patience to do a self portrait. ha!

    and yes, i could work on growing my nails out, too.

    -anna, that cool girl you know ;)

  4. i want to see your picture when it's done!

  5. you are so not the only one that has to geek-out when wearing glasses. i do it all the time, ever done it while not wearing glasses? *embarassing!* i want to see a picture of your prom dress.

  6. Ahh! Prom picture! It's adorable (:
    You should for sure post the finished product of your picture. And I think that's all.. If not, I might be back. Ha (:

  7. Prom sounds like it was a blast! Losing the limo? Uh oh... I bet that's a story to tell the grandkids, haha.

    That drawing sounds extremely frustrating... That's why as much as I love art, I've never been good at it. I don't have the patience! Good luck with yours and be sure to show us a photo of the completed one :)

    It is awesome how little things can either make or break your day. That can be both a great thing and a bad thing, I guess.

  8. LOL yeah -- now all i need is a design! *gah* i should have thought this through a little better...

  9. Bleah- and it was amazing :) Yes! Long nails are the best.

    Libby- I do too! It's a pain. :P I'm pretty excited...I should have more info about you and I at some point, we're still trying to solidify travel plans.

    Anna- thank you :) hahaha I would never have enough patience if it wasn't a required class for any of the majors I want to do!

    Jordan- of course!

    LF- YES. It's ten times worse when you do it without glasses. I shall send you a picture then :)

    Jodie- thanks so much dear! :)

    Natalie- it wasn't as awesome as it sounds...but just as embarrassing. thank you for the encouragement!

    Bleah- your design now is LOVELY! :)


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