29 April 2011

primrose everdeen: the girl who started the fire.

**note: spoiler heavy, and likely won't make any sense without reading the Hunger Games.**

Book character of the month, from these girls. This month we're talking about Prim, twelve years old in the first book, Katniss' younger sister, the kinder, softer version of Katniss, with all of the good qualities and none of the bad.  

We all know that Katniss was the girl on fire. I like to think that Prim was the girl who started it. It began with Prim. Her name was drawn in the reaping, Katniss took her place to protect her, and that's what started it all.

I've had mixed feelings about Prim:

She is an amazing character, I'll give her that. I love her relationship with Katniss. I am a big sister, and I understand how Katniss feels about Prim. Prim is almost Katniss' opposite. She's easy to love, easy to get along with. Katniss is a jerk. I feel like Katniss would not have been the same person without Prim to protect, even prior the the reaping.

I do feel like it's harder to connect to Prim throughout most of the books. In the Hunger Games and Catching Fire, she's not really there. We get a lot closer to her in Mockingjay, to the point that I cried my eyes out at that one little specific spot near the end of the book.

Overall, I did love her. I just didn't quite connect to her the way I did to other characters (specifically Finnick. I will never forgive you for that, Suzanne Collins).

What are your thoughts about Prim? Love her? Hate her? Only kinda-sort like her?


  1. I like Prim. I feel like she's underwritten and then, bam, there's no chance of ever finding out her story. If that *thing* hadn't happened, then I'd have anticipated an additional novella maybe, written from Prim's perspective, or at least a decent FanFiction from that view.

  2. I was so mad when Finnick died! I liked him so much. About Prim, well, I didn't really care too much for her, but I felt bad for Katniss having to go through that.

  3. thanks so much for posting. girl who started the fire. i like that. finnick. yeah, i'm mad about that too.

  4. I like Prim a lot, but it seems like we could have gotten to know her a lot better. Also, she's a little too perfect. But she's terribly sweet, and I'm glad she was added.
    FINNICK! I hated him at first, as I think the reader was supposed to, but he is- was, I mean, an amazing person. *grr*

  5. Man, I know what you're talking about! I think they should have given her more credit in the books :P But I simply ADORED the hunger games series! Have you seen the cast??? I CANNOT believe who they casted! It makes me so mad :P

  6. haven't read them yet :P two of my friends are ob-sessed, though.

    anyway, i [hopefully] picked up a hint of sarcasm in your note about edmund. it was just a joke, silly. we only wish we could marry them, and it was a insider between me and lily. hope i didn't make you mad.

    anywho, i sent your reply letter earlier this week :))


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