13 April 2011

I'm no Rapunzel.

Listening to: Heads/Tails by Hotspur. New favorite song, thank you Bleah
Lyric love: Heads we go to London/ And try to save the queen/ Tails we go to Paris/ And try our hand at romance/ Call it in the air. 

Just one more Disney painting to add to my collection.

In other news:

-I'll be gone all weekend, so I'll try to have a few things scheduled.

-Comment moderation is turned off permanently, unless you're commenting on an older post. I suppose this means you can leave me nasty anon comments and I can't do anything about it, but we don't want that happening, do we?

-Book suggestions, anyone? My stack is running low, and I'd love to hear some of your favorites.

-On Monday I realized that Flynn Rider's twin is in my drawing class. I now can't figure out why it took me so long to notice.

-The blog's second birthday is coming up in less than a month! I think it would be really wonderful if we could hit 200 followers before then. If so, I'll try to organize a little giveaway of some sort.

If you haven't noticed, spring is 100 percent here... Hope you have a warm and sunshiney afternoon!


  1. i love your replica of the painting from tangled! :D it's just so...right!

    and flynn rider's twin, eh? i just might have to come and steal him.

    and when i say that, i'm being completely serious.

  2. Ill miss you. And I loooove that painting... I cant use flickr. Has something to do with email. Anyway...thanks. :)

  3. I love your paintings! :) I've really had the urge lately to dabble with paint, but I don't have any. I want to try out watercolors, but I couldn't find them the last time I was in the craft store.


  4. Oh the pretty lanterns! Do you have a link that showcases all of your work? I'm too lazy to dig. ;)

  5. Oh my word....that's the painting from Up!!!! Katie, you are one of my new favorite people. (:

    A real-life Flynn Rider? Dude, you're lucky. *laughs*


  6. Amazing paintings:) So gorgeous -and I love anything Disney, of course. Can't wait to see your next one!


  7. love those paintings!!!! especially the smaller one; it's peerfect :D
    can't wait to see more!
    i'm a relatively new follower of yours and i love your blog, it's so cute!
    hope you reach that big 200 and get to host your giveaway. good luck to ya, pretty lady !

  8. Those are canvas painting, correct? They're lovely. I especially love the cliff one, but well that also could be because I especially love UP! :]

    Listening to the song now. Good stuff.

    Have a fun weekend, soak in as much life as you can!

  9. The painting of the painting is amazing! I am SO glad that I finally got around to watching Tangled. It has definitely made my life better. :)

    Not sure if you're already familiar, I always have and always will recommend John Green books.

    Happy almost birthday to your blog!

    And yay for spring! I love all of the perdy flowers. It's even nice and sunny out here today, so that's great. :D

  10. books? i'm always up for telling people about books. knightley academy. skulduggery pleasant. dream house kings. all of these are vitually unknown yet have no right to be so, amazing.

  11. I love your paintings and photos! They're just so cheerful and pretty. :)


  12. Oh my gosh, I love the Tangled painting! :O That movie was incredible.


  13. AMAZING paintings!!!!!! Love. Love. Love the "UP" one!! I hope you show more of them. "The Westing Game" By Ellen Raskin is a really good book!!!!

    In Christ

  14. love the paintings! i've been meaning to get around to painting the exact same things - up & tangled! seeing yours, i'm a little more motivated to go get some paints :]

  15. so you wanna give justin a chance, eh? my favorite songs are:

    -pray (all-time favorite)
    -overboard (i think you'd like it :)
    -one less lonely girl acoustic
    -stuck in the moment (sounds a little girly, but catchy)
    -never say never (pump-up song)

    hope you like them!

    anna :)

  16. EEEEP! now I'M so incredibly excited!!! :DDD what's your...eep!...address?

  17. Love tangled. Seriously amazing.

    I just finished A Swift Pure Cry. It's about this girl; her mum is dead and her dad is an alcoholic. It deals with teen pregnancy and priests. It's dark and depressing in parts but very well written. Also, anything by Alice Hoffman is brilliant, and I really liked The Secret Lives Of Dresses and The Sky Is Everywhere. Oh, and Rebecca!

  18. Anna- thank you :) the first time I saw the movie I knew I wanted to paint it. yes! It's freaky.

    Bleah- no flickr? ask your grandma if you can use my flickr, cause I totally don't care.

    Kristin- :) I know what you mean! I need art supplies so badly.

    TCG- this is about it. :) I don't paint very often!

    Lily- why thank you(:

    Andrea- thank you! I'm a huge Disney girl too :)

    Kandice- thank you so much for following and all your lovely comments!

    Allyson- they are. I especially love UP too. :)

    Natalie- it's brilliant, isn't it? :)

    LF- I'll have to find them then! :)

    Kendall- thank you(:

    Jane Doe-:)

    Stephanie- I agree. it's one of my favorites :)

    Hosanna- I've read the Westing Game before and I loved it! Thank you for the suggestion. :)

    Christine- send me a link to some photos when you paint them!

    Anna- dude, ME TOO! it's gonna be amazing. :)

    Libby- I.did.too! I'll look those up, thank you!

  19. Okay 1) LOVE the painting, you kill me with your talent:) 2)Books... unfortunately you and my sis have pretty much read everything I have. But, my suggestion is the Gone series by Michael Grant. (Might have spelled Michael wrong:) Other than that...nothing comes to mind. 3)How old is this look a-like, if he's too old for you, I'm available:) JK. Truly, I am kidding. 4)Two years, and what a transformation! This blog looks so different now than when it did when you first *found* us:) 5)Spring is epic. And I totally love Tangled as well, BTW!

    Sorry this is so long, I just have been so out of the loop recently! It feels good to chat!


  20. PB&J- he's like a senior in college, I'll be sure to let him know you're available. :) also. you are so sweet! your comment made me smile.

    Bella Skye- thanks dear. :)

    Jeremiah- thank you! :D

  21. heya...how did you like the songs i suggested? *crosses fingers*

  22. love your blog. love your quotes/lyrics. <3

    i have quotes. check em out!!



  23. You should read some Agatha Christie! I love those books! Right now I'm reading A Caribbean Mystery, which I have to admit is a bit of a soap, but there are definitely other ones that are really good!

  24. love the disney picture! i want to paint one

  25. Anna- wellll I haven't really listened to them yet. The ones that I have listened to I like. :)

    Katie- thanks so much!

    Bookworm- I've read several before and I really liked them. :)

    IFL- thank you!

  26. For book suggestions Jane Eyre is awesome. :)

    -- Pearl

  27. I love love love that song. heads/tails. LOVE.

    and those paintings?? Amazing.

  28. Hi Katie, this is Dina Jones here, Annie Rose's Mom... I noticed you were looking to increase your followers, so... yes, I DO follow you and appreciate the influence your blog has had on my Annie Rose. Please tell your Mom I miss our emails and that we are settling in to China quite well but not to forget about us if they ever put together a missions team!!! We keep your family in our prayers and will be excited to hear about your time in France. Thanks for giving God glory with all of your creativity, exuberance and honesty!

  29. Pearl- I love that one! We had it assigned in my 8th grade class and I really enjoyed it. :)

    7upkels- ME TOO. thank you :))

    Dina- thank you so much!

  30. You are simply amazing at art. Wow! I love them both sooo much. :)


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