22 April 2011

wake up in the morning feeling like it's friday.

did you guys see what I did there? clever, right? (if you didn't, rebecca black+ kei$ha. not that terribly clever.) fun fact: I cannot stand kei$ha. I get shivers just thinking about most of her music.

I've had this post in the drafts for a few weeks, and I don't think I'll have the time or the desire to write a real post today, so, without further ado, the abcs of me:
Age:16+ several weeks. 
Bed Size: double. what kind of a question is that?
Chore you hate:  I happen to love clean laundry. getting it clean, not so much.
Dogs:  German shepherd. she's big and disobedient and sheds too much. I don't know what I'd do without her.
Essential start of your day:  socks. I can't focus/sleep without them.
Favorite Color: Rudy Steiner's hair, also known as yellow.
Gold or silver:  silver or gold, either/or. I can't usually wear regular metal cause it gives me a rash. This makes belts a problem.
Height: five three. my brother calls me an oompa loompa, which is completely untrue because I am not orange.
Instruments I play (or have played): I used to play the cello. it didn't last long.
Job Title: sometimes I babysit. a few weeks ago: me; "what's your favorite vegetable?" little child; "umm, butter." that kid knows what he's talking about.
Kids: none. 16, people.
Live: the Middle of Nowhere, Indiana. also known as Farmland. I tell people I live in Muncie though, which is almost true.
Mom's Name: Ann without an e.
Nickname: Kates, Katie, KT, Bennie. My prof calls me Katherine. Everyone else in the world calls me Katie.
Overnight hospital stays: none! I'm so healthy.
Pet Peeve: I hate it when people touch my head. It drives me crazy.
Quote from a movie: Eugene; "you were my new dream.
Rapunzel; "and you were mine."
Right or left handed: right, but I vacuum and put my contacts in with my left.
Siblings: the older brother, the three younger sisters.
Time you wake up: on MW, 6:15. On every other day, 8:30.
Underwear: ...I wear them.
Vegetables you dislike: MASHED POTATOES. Boiled potatoes. Potatoes in soup.
What makes you run late: I forget stuff a lot.
X-rays you've had done: dentist. boring, right?
Yummy food you make: I used to sell bread. I can make cupcakes and granola and caramel corn.
Zoo animal:  elephant.

feeling bored? take a shot at this yourself and send me a link! I'd love to see what you wrote.


  1. I hate mashed potatoes. Yuck, yuck & thrice times yuck. Also, I used to play the cello & wish I still did, and say I live in this city when actually I live in a tiny village near-ish to the city. And I wear underwear.

  2. I wish I played the Cello! I play the piano. Typcial. Cool post, and I LOVE the title, even though I don't like the singers, lol :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. hehehehe, I love this post. :D The title is awesome... even though I can't STAND either of them... I have friends that sing "Friiiiday Friiiiday.." All the time because they know I hate it. lol
    What is it like living in the country?? I have lived in the city allll my life. :P

  4. clever + witty. and that's why we love you :) and i looooove that quote :) eugene = my maaan ;) and you are not an ooma loompa. not even close.

    -anna :)

  5. Ahh! Mashed potatoes is like my favorite food everr. Ha! :P


  6. 1. I love 'Rudy Steiner's hair' too.
    2. Oompa loompa. Hehe. Sorry, I can't sympathize, being five six-ish.
    3. The 'U' one made me laugh.


  7. I love me some fresh laundry, too! And I thought your Kei$ha and Rebecca Black combo was clever. ;) I was silently jamming to it.

  8. what i great idea,PB and I must do this. five three, you are no oompa loompa, i'm five 3/4 an inch last time i checked.

  9. 1) I totally got the title references.
    2) Rudy Steiner as in "The Book Thief"?
    3)I see you have an older brother? *adds you to the list of people I'm jealous of* ;P

    I may try this. It's a good crutch for the temporarily uncreative.


  10. Oooh I loved this post. I remember sending these types of emails to my friends when I was a teenager. =)

  11. I thought you should know that there's a Book Thief lover that reads your blog who was thrilled when you said "Favorite Color: Rudy Steiner's hair, also known as yellow.":) This simply made me smile! I finally got around to reading it, and I am soooo glad I did! It was a great 500 something pages, and I feel like I did something worthwhile in the last 2 days because of it. Nice blog!

  12. Libby- I'm so glad there are others who hate them too. I agree on all the other things, that's basically how it is for me.

    Jocee- hahaha I wish I played anything.

    Elisa- me neither. Just...annoying. It's ok, I mean, we get gorgeous sunsets and there's all this open space, but it takes forever to get anywhere.

    Anna- I love you too. :)))

    Katie- oh sillyness! I just cannot stand them.

    Kendall- Rudy Steiner needs a fan club, right? :)

    Ailinh- I'm glad. :) you should look up the church parody of Rebecca's song. It's pretty hilarious.

    LF- well then, I'll just have to let my brother know about that. :)

    Stephanie- yes! he's so amazing.

    TCG- I remember getting these emails in middle school. :)

    Becca- that makes me so happy! Rudy is so amazing.


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