21 April 2011

this is what's up.

I'm thinking: no more listening to for me! It's becoming just a *little* too trendy; I believe I've seen at least three blogs containing it today, so thank you very much, but I'm good without it. I don't want to completely forgo this little section, so there will possibly be some sort of replacement. We'll see.
Quote love: "It goes without saying that Katherine drank her coffee black. Katherines do, generally." John Green. 
 this Katherine drinks her coffee black; relevant quote? yes, it is.

owned by the notebook doodles.
I really didn't mean to be gone so long, promise. 

Here's the short story: I had Disciple Now over the weekend, which surpassed my expectations; Monday and Wednesday were Taylor, with church on Wednesday night; Tuesday was homework and sleeping in till 9:30; today was much of the same, in addition to Alia's spring musical and babysitting tonight. 

Besides Disciple Now, the best part of my week was by far this lovely little package:

I know. Aren't they pretty? HarperCollins, you guys rock. 

I've seen this print float around the blogsphere many times, and now I finally have my own. It's even prettier in person. 

I feel like that wall should say something about me, I just really not sure what. If you look closely, you'll see both Buzz and Woody, a hope pillow and a signed bookplate from my Between Shades of Grey prize pack, my broken sunglasses that I bought in the UAE and can't bring myself to throw away, the library card from when we lived in Bradford, a metro ticket from Paris, paperdolls for Natalie, Jordanian currency, an old picture of Ali and I, several-years-old Valentines, my old passport, my "girl who reads" drawing from my best friend Shaina, and various quotes and boarding passes. That's my life right there.

It's been somewhat of a lazy week for me. I have half of next week off, which is not only really exciting, but it'll give me an opportunity to catch up on some things I've been needing to do. I'm looking forward to free Starbucks and picking out a prom dress tomorrow. 

Worthy of mention: the box looks like it could contain an engagement ring. Well...it doesn't. 

Goodnight lovelies!


  1. I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG DESIGN!!!! The header is oh so pretty. And yay, you're Tiffany's bracelet came in, cool post :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. 1. Your blog looks lovely!
    2. I absolutely love your wall of stuff! It makes me feel inspired!
    3. I feel like you were the original "listening to". At least, as far as those whom I follow (and have for a while) you were the original. So I'm bummed. Maybe you can still do it just every once in a while? Pretty please? You always have the best stuff! ;)
    ~Lauren :)

  3. Your blog is so pretty. It makes me want to garden or eat a picnic or wear sundresses. It just has that kind of feel to it.
    And your wall of self... It's pretty. I've heard of making a 'mirror for your soul' before, a place that reflects everything you are and all that you love. That's what it looks like to me.

  4. i have a wall of stuff too. concert tickets, movie stubs, posters, and lyrics cover it :)

    and i agree with lauren. you started the 'listening to', and i think you should keep doing it, at least every so often.

    annnnnddddd i sent your letter monday! :D

    -anna :)

  5. prom dress shopping? thats a favorite.
    but very drawn out and hard to decide, for me.
    you know, i'm not a quick decision-maker. :)

  6. From what I can tell, your room looks like it's relatively awesome... Just saying. :) Your wall of stuff is certainly enviable! And I really like the redesign of your blog and whatnot!

  7. I love the new header! It's so beautiful. :) I also love your wall. I think it says so much about you. :) And that package? *squeal*


  8. Dearest Katie,
    DNOW was AMAZING! God did amazing things. I love your wall! I am so very honored to be on your wall. :)) I feel special! Isn't it exciting when you get to add new things to it?! (Speaking of which...I still need something from you to put on my wall.:) )
    -Shaina :))

  9. Jocee- thank you so much :)

    Lauren- I appreciate it, but I believe Natalie Lloyd did it first, so I don't have anything to be upset about. I will try to think of something to replace it.

    Libby- you're ridiculously sweet :)

    Anna- I got your letter! It was by far the best part of my Friday. :)

    Jana- I borrowed a dress, so I think it took me 30 minutes, tops. We then spend TWO HOURS looking for a tie for my brother.

    Natalie- aww thank you!

    Kendall- I KNOW. the package was amazing. :)

    Shaina- you are so amazing!! and yes, I'll make you something as soon as I can. :)))

  10. Are the sketched words a font? If so, it's really cute. What is it?

  11. Danielle, the words are not a font, they're hand-written by the owner of the Notebook Doodles. I believe I linked to her site underneath the photo, and you can see more of her work there. :)


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