03 April 2011

fifteen for a moment.

Listening to: 100 Years by Five for Fighting.
Lyric love: "I'm 15 for a moment/ Caught in between 10 and 20/ And I'm just dreaming/ Counting the ways to where you are...15 there's still time for you/ Time to buy and time to lose/ 15, there's never a wish better than this/ When you only got 100 years to live."

Fifteen has been one of the best years of my life. There's been change and adventure, new friends and old ones.

I traveled across the world and back. I made favorite memories (the time I came home from the dig. I was gone three days, tops. When I walked into the door,  Gabriel, age five, ran out of the kitchen, grabbed me around the waist, and whispered, "Katie, I missed you.") and best friends. I wrote my first letter to Bleah and met her less than two weeks ago.

Fifteen was a good year. After fifteen years, they wrapped up Toy Story. There was Tangled -which, actually, I'm watching right at this moment- and the Dawn Treader and I discovered Charlie.

I learned about ISO and aperture and shutter speed and how they work together. I bought Darcy during my Pride and Prejudice phase. I read Pride and Prejudice three times during that phase and watched the movie at least once.

I read. Oh my goodness, I read. The Book Thief and the Hunger Games and half of Les Mis and Save the Date and Paperdoll and Matched and Anne of Green Gables and so, so much more.

Fifteen was Paris and cameras and college. It was mail twice a week and a new passport photo.

It was you. You, dear followers, are the most amazing people ever. I love hearing your stories, reading your comments. Fifteen wouldn't have been the same without you.

Fifteen was the best... here's to sixteen.

In true Katie-ness, my summer of sixteen promises to be amazing. At the moment, the plan is this: my parents and I. Red white and blue striped flag. Macaroons. (my favorite almost cousin knows exactly where it is now.) Tourists. Sidewalk cafes. Berets. Escargot, but not this trip, because that's something I'm eating with my brother.

Have you guessed? Yes! I'll be in France for a month early in the summer. And yes, I'm completely excited. My dad is going to be teaching a few classes there, and I'm tagging along for the fun of it. Hopefully there will be some language study, and maybe a trip to England for a few days. And in England maybe I'll get to hang out with Libby for a few hours.

I'm so.excited.

Basically that's my big news. I'll fill you in on some more details about the summer, and all next week you can hear about last summer.

ps: fan of the Hunger Games? Paper Bird and Little Fairy are hosting a link-up featuring Prim Everdeen. I'll be linking up my own post in a week or two. Definitely something you should check out!


  1. Your fifteenth year does sound pretty awesome. :)

    And I am so, so jealous that you're going to France. That's all. :)

    P.S. I love that Five for Fighting song.


  2. Happy birthday Katie! And it sounds like you are going to have a great summer. :)

  3. I like that song. :) I think I'll go listen to it...

    Happy, happy, happy birthday, Katie! I hope sixteen is just as great as fifteen, if not better. Have a great day!


  4. That's sooo cool! I'll be fifteen at the end of this year, and I'm anxious...and excited...anxiously excited! Eeek, you're so lucky you traveled the world. I want to really bad. So far I know I'm going to leave the country for my honeymoon. That's all I know, lol. Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  5. Happy Birthday, Katie! I hope your sixteenth year is your best one yet.

  6. Love the post, being 15 sounds awesome. :) Almost there!

  7. Happy Birthday! And France?!!! That is totally super-mondo awesome! Have a great rest of the day. And we thought of you as we passed your exit on our way to IN :)


  8. Happy birthday, Katie!!!! mmm, I am just a *wee* bit jealous of you going to France! I hope you have loads of fun. (:


  9. Happy B-Day!

    Hi! I like your blog. I'm adding myself as your newest follower and I hope you'll check out my blog as well.

  10. beautiful post as always, happy birthday. i am so jealous. you get to go everywhere, no fair!
    thanks for blogging about book character of the month.

  11. Happy birthday Katie!

    I love reviewing the year on my birthday.

    Guess what? You and my best friend Emma are exactly 1 day apart, she's 4-2-95. That's so cool.

    I hope you have a lovely time in France. That's so wonderful.

    May God give you the best year of your life thus far.

  12. Thank you so much for following! I love your blog. :D

    Fifteen certainly sounds like it was a fabulous year for you. Sadly I have yet to see Tangled... or read The Hunger Games. I know. But gah, The Book Thief was so amazing.

    And, France?! Wow! That's fantastic! This summer of your sixteenth year sounds quite promising indeed.

  13. HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!! :D I am turning 15 soon. :D :D :D
    You are going to France?? That is awesome!!! :D

  14. Happy Birthday once again to one of the coolest sixteen year olds I know! And thanks for the shout out. :) It's always good to know there are fellow macaron-lovers in the world! Can't wait to see all the fantastic photos you take in France this summer!

  15. i love that song! and I need to read the Hunger Games series. I can't believe I haven't yet! Thank you so much for voting for us!

  16. i had no clue you're fifteen. you write so much older than that!

    fifteen was a great year for me too! i'm glad to have that year to look back on but yours does sound pretty fantastic :)

  17. Happy birthday to you, Katie! :D


  18. Kristin- it was amazing(: I'll have to bring something back for a giveaway!

    Libby- thanks dear! YES. We most definitely have to hang out while I'm in England. :)

    Kendall- thank you so much!

    Jocee- you'll have an amazing fifteen. :)

    Hannah- thank you!

    Sonia- thank you thank you :)

    PB&J- next time you're in IN we hang out, ok? Ok :)

    Lily- thank you dear! that settles it then, I'll pick up some little lovelies and we'll have a little giveaway when I get home. :)

    Katy- thank you for the follow!


    LF- you're welcome. :) I'll do my post about her this weekend.

    Jillian- that's so fun! Tell her I said a very late happy birthday! :)

    Natalie- you're so welcome. :)

    Elisa- that's exciting! and yes, I am. I cannot wait.

    Kaylie- aww thank you!

    Brooke- you're very welcome! I'm glad you won. :)

    Kandice- thank you!

    Katie- :) thanks Katie!


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