31 March 2011

newness and old.

Listening to: Beautiful Disaster by Jon McLaughin.
Quote love: "And when you need it most, I have a hundred reasons why I love you." Jars of Clay. (this quote is on my wall right now. current favorite.)

Hey lovelies! Sometimes I feel like it's been ages since I've been around the blog world, which is usually completely not even close to true. Anyways, there's some fun stuff that you might want to be clued in on.

First thing: this is my birthday weekend. I'll be offline for most of it, doing fun things like Ikea and Jungle Jim's. I do have something fun scheduled, mostly about fifteen and being all nostalgic and whatnot.

And speaking of nostalgia, I think I'm gonna be sharing a little more about my summer in Jordan. It's been right in front of my face lately, what with planning this summer, talking to my friends Mimi and Chris, and silly little things, like the cut-out of Woody on my wall, which reminds me of Toy Story 3, which reminds me of watching it in theaters with Mimi and Philip and Paul, which makes me miss the summer all over again. SO if you feel like seeing some photos and hearing memories, then please stick around next week. :)

Also speaking of nostalgia, I set up a Twitter today. (This is only nostalgic because I'm following Queen Rania from Jordan. Other than that, it's a completely normal thing.) You should maybe follow me or something like that. I'm slightly scared to publish my first tweet because, really, what do I say?

 My new baby, the 50mm, is so amazing. I took all the shots in this post with it, and it just keeps getting better. I'm have a slight bit of trouble with the focus, but it's improving. I love it like crazy.

Have a happy weekend, and I'll be back around Sunday afternoon-ish!


  1. Congrats on the new 50! I looove DoF when shooting with a 50. Stunning.

    Also, yay Twitter! I'm @shabbygeek, welcome and don't be shy. ;)

  2. Those photos are awesome! Your new lens sounds fun. I'd like to get one like it eventually.
    Have a terrific birthday weekend. :)


  3. Happy Birthday!!!! :D
    a couple things.
    first off, i'm going to be following you on t w i t t a! even though i don't get on much.
    second, i can't wait to hear about your summer! i'll be sticking around for sure.
    third, and last, i simply adore the yellow in your layout!
    okay i think that's all.

  4. How and where exactly do you get all these blog designs!? Jealous!! And I'm following you on Twitter (I'm @whitelily16 [it's under my stage name]).
    And in response to your question on my blog:
    Sorry, Will's twitter was deleted a year ago by the admin or some meanie who thought he was a fake. BUT I have better news for you! Skandar has a twitter! He's @skandarkeynes. Nothing else to it really. Georgie's twitter was deleted by some meanie a few days ago...so sad. But hey, there's still one left!
    -Jocee <3

  5. Those are beautiful photos. :]

  6. Happy birthday weekend! :)


  7. Oooo! Nice pictures!!! :D


  8. Gorgeous photos! I can't find your email or contact info on your blog but I was wondering if you'd be interested in being featured on my blog. I do a photo blog feature and I love your photos. Email me at keepinitinperspective at gmail dot come for more info. Hosanna sent me over!

  9. I want to start by saying that I adore every single picture in this post. Especially the daffodils.
    And I followed you on Twitter :)

    Sorry for not being around much.

    And happy birthday! My best friends 16th is today, the 2nd, when is yours?

    April birthdays rock :) mine is in a couple weeks.

    I want to hear about your summer.

  10. Whoo, that is SOME creamy DoF there, wow! Love it :) Also, welcome to twitter, great to see you there!

  11. That song is so sad, but so good! :D
    My tumblr is http://jodieeileen.tumblr.com/
    have a fantastic week!

  12. I LOVE the first three shots. The lighting is lovely! Hope you had an amazing birthday weekend. :)

  13. TCG- thank you :) I'm really loving it!

    Kendall- it's amazing, I would definitely recommend it!

    Jodie- you're kinda really amazing, ya know? :)

    Jocee- I just use the ones from the Template designer, nothing fancy. :) so sad! But thank you for Skandar's. :)

    Allyson- thank you dear!

    Kristin- :)

    Elisa Kate- thank you!

    Nicolasa- I did email you a while ago, I'm not sure if you got it?

    Jillian, I love you. I love your comment and everything. And yes, April is the best. :)

    Hannah- thank you very much!

    Jodie- :)))

    Anna- thank you!


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