03 March 2011

oh, sisters.

Listening to: Open Up Your Eyes by Daughtry.
Quote love: "And always remember how much your crazy sister loves you."

Ok. Here's the deal. HarperTeen is giving away a Tiffany bracelet and a signed copy of Delirium to the winner of this contest. I really, really want to win.

Guys, it's a Tiffany bracelet.

SO you should probably go over to here and click the like button. I will be so grateful! Also, please ignore the cheesy description. I was just trying to make the judges go awww. I didn't even realize that it was the kind of contest where actual people, not just a random someone in a HarperTeen office, would be judging it.


Sisters make me smile. Especially the little one with the crazy hair and the Nutella all over her face. She's the cause of eighty percent of my laughs today.

Yesterday: book shopping. I ended up getting Bird by Bird and Writing to Change the World. I love new books. Today: lens shopping. I'm thinking a wide angle lens, but I'm not for sure yet. I really just can't wait to buy one and get it here so I can start using it.

The Brugge Brasserie was soo good. Frites (which is fancy Dutch for french fries) were my favorite Dutch food. There? Delicious. They even came in little stripey cones like they do in Holland. Mom's crepes are better, but the frites were just sososo delicious.

Anything fun going on? 


  1. I got your letter today! Tell Abigail I said hey! :D

    Wow... I want your life Katie. I really do..
    books... lenses... dutch food. We have so much in common, we like the same things and have the same dreams. But you seem to be doing everything I wish I could! *sigh* ANYWAY... great post. :)

    Fun? 'eh... no. :P


  2. TIFFANY BRACELET!? Jealous. Great post, and ohmylipsglossness I LOVE the quote!!
    -Jocee <3

  3. you got my vote. c;

    cute pic.

  4. Cute picture!! I don't have any sisters :P But siblings in general are pretty awesome!

  5. Aw, seeing that picture makes me miss all my sisters! But yes! Totally agree on getting new books. It's like Christmas morning when I get new books. I am sure you understand. :) And notta whole lot fun going on here. Just hibernating till Spring comes, I guess. That's as fun as hibernating can get.

  6. I 'liked' it! I hope you can win; that would be super awesome! And you deserve it. :)

    I love that picture, by the way. I wish I got along better with my sisters. I mean, we don't hate each other, but we tend to bicker a lot. :P


  7. Oh thankyou for following me:) Your blog is lovely, shall be following you back. I liked your photo, I thought it was so cute, hope you win!

    xx Carina

  8. Adorable picture! Sisters are the best! :)


  9. Awww, sheesh, what a really precious photo of you and your sister :)

  10. I liked your photo! Also, love the new header!

  11. Hey, you have an award waiting for you on my blog!:


  12. Bleah- she loved the letter you sent back to her. it was so sweet. :)) fact: we can talk about all this commonness TOMORROW! can't wait. :)

    Jocee- I know, right? Hoping I win!

    M- thanks dear. :)

    Charlotte- no sisters? So sad! siblings are amazing.

    Ailinh- dude. yes on the books. I just got four free books. and it's not like they're cheap, which is totally silly cause they should be.

    Starr- My sisters and I used to be at each other's throats all the time. with the exception of one sister, we've gotten past that. :)

    Carina- you're so welcome, and thank you too!

    Katie- :)

    Hannah- aww thanks. actually, it's two of my sisters, not me! it's an easy mistake. :)

    Jeremiah- thanks so much!

    Kaylie- thanks dear. :)

    Maggie- thanks so much!


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