20 March 2011

dear charlie: a letter from the girls.

Well. These next few posts are so girly that you wouldn't believe it. When I told my big brother the plans for this three post series, he told me how girly my blog is. Which is not necessarily true. Usually we don't talk about girly things. This week is a complete, total exception.

I leave for Puerto Rico today, and while I'm gone, I have a few posts dealing with a big, important issue.

British or American boys?

Let's call him Sam. I was eight, living in England. Our neighborhood was wild and amazing. My family, the only white people. An Asian family next door. Everyone else, Pakistani. Down and across the street was St. Margarete's, a Church of England church.

Sam was the vicar's son.

Actually, Sam was the bobby, but for the purpose of this story, we're gonna call the vicar's son Sam and forget about the bobby. I don't remember vicar's-son-Sam's real name, so this will have to do.

I liked Sam for all of the eight months we lived there. If I remember correctly, he was my brother's age. Dark hair. Big smile. And...that's about all I remember. But I liked him.

The only other British boy I remember was Nicolas. He was younger than me. My best British friend's little brother. That's about it.

(Tangent: when we moved to England I was terrified that I wouldn't have any friends. I mean, really, we beat the British in the Revolutionary War. All the British girls would hate me.)

(That's not what happened, by the way. I had many very good British, not to mention Pakistani, friends while I lived there.)

British boys in the media...well, that's a different story. Mr. Darcy? Gilbert Blythe- who technically isn't British, but almost? Edmund Pevensie? Peter Pan?

All perfect. 

And then there are American boys.

They are basically amazing, for the most part. I have so many guy friends who are fantastic, amazing people. I made several really good (American) guy friends this summer.

I like most of the American boys I know. I have several really good American guy friends. Then there's the stereotype of a British boy. Compared to that of an American boy, the American doesn't stand a chance. 

Most American girls who think that they would love to find an amazing British guy probably don't know any British people.

I think that it's all about the stereotype. American boys, break the stereotype. We know you're not always sloppy and lazy. Show us. British boys, well, take advantage of the stereotype. Be a gentleman. Be kind and considerate.

The main difference: the accent. Oh, the accent. That, dear American males, is why every girl wishes she knew a British boy. Or, I suppose, there's my brother, who mastered the British/Pakistani British accent while we lived in Europe.

Your thoughts? Later this week there will be posts by a British girl and an American girl sharing what they think.


  1. Oh. My. Word. That video was HILARIOUS!!! Ha, I especially liked him saying the word 'cheesburger.' Oh, I almost died laughing at that one. *wipes away tears*

    Anywho---I totally go for British guys.....duh, Edmund is British! But I also do like the regular, boy-next-door kind of guy. Especially with a country twang. ;)

    So, I guess I'll just have to leave it up to God and see what kind of guy I end up with.
    Can't wait to see the next few posts!!!

  2. I know what you mean! We have a British guy in our school — a junior who moved here last year from London — and he's one of my good friends. It's ever-so-fun asking him to say "corridor" and "teakettle" in his accent... though they probably laugh at us saying "hamburger." :)

  3. British, for the sake of your post.

    Australian, for the sake of my girly bits.


  4. Funny video, though I'm not quite sure why he's always trying to speak "American" in a Southern accent. :)

    I agree-I think it all comes down to the accent. :)

    I personally don't know any British guys, but I've never assumed they were that much different from American guys. I mean, besides the obvious differences from growing up in different cultures. I have not met too many great guys, but I have to believe there are some out there, whether they're American or British (or something else).

    I'm not sure why a British accent is so ridiculously attractive in a guy (I love Scottish and Irish accents, too). Maybe it's because of my Austen and Narnia obsessions? :)


  5. Gasp! You forgot Peter Pevensie!! Shameshameshame!!! Lol, I'm kidding. Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  6. Hmmmmm.
    Well, I have to admit that knowing and liking a British boy sounds almost perfect. Their properness and kindness (possibly part of the steriotype) and the accent!

    But something about an American boy gets me too. The ruggedness and realness.

    So, I guess it just depends on the guy and who I actually fall in love with :)

  7. oh thats good.
    that really got me to laugh =P

  8. I know what you mean!!!! :) :) I love accents! Especially British.

    Sister In Christ


    I still can't get over it...
    I think I'm going to die.

  10. Wow. I love your blog so much XD My friends and I are basically debating the same thing: William Moseley vs. Jeremy Sumpter.

    Yeah, those are celebrities and not real people, but still.

    Blogger is being ridiculous lately, but as soon as I get some kinks worked out, I'll be a follower XD


  11. I think they are both cool.. I have MANY MANY MANY amazing guy friends, but I have always wanted to meet a really cool British one. ^_^ One that says "Ardently" SOOO COOL!!! ^_^ XD
    Australian accents are pretty cool too. I knew one guy who was visiting from Australia and had an accent. x)


  12. hey this is totally great and most interesting i can't wait to hear the next two :)

  13. I awarded you on Pandora :)


  14. I've heard the stereotype that British guys are very much gentlemanly and what have you, but then I've also heard that's a bunch of rubbish. But oh, the accent, yes. It's music to my ears. Most accents to me are wonderful, because I have a lousy American one. ;)

  15. Hey Katie! Sorry to bother you but I was wondering how you make your little blog button? Thanks!

  16. there's a snake in my boots. only in america. i agree with what you said about stereotypes and all. yes, this is girly because it's about what girls want in a guy, but there is nothing wrong with that. i personally think it's a great idea. and yes, it is the accent.

  17. ahhh, LOVE LOVE this so much. First, Charlie. Ah. That accent kills me every time.

    Okay, next, it is so true what you are saying about stereotypes! I think I'd like a British boy just because of the accent. It is so true, however, that American boys are lovely.

  18. Oh yeah.. and I love that he has Dr.Who and buzz light year in the background................................................. AMAZINGLY COOL STUFF! xD

  19. Love how the guy in the video does the southern accent!! Too funny! Personally I think that British and American differ in a lot of ways but they probably are similar in certain characteristics. Meaning that I doubt they all have wonderful manners. ;) Although I do like the British accent better!

  20. I know! Accents are what make the difference :) I love british accents... but new zealand accents are definitely the best!!! :D

  21. Lily- I know, right? Charlie is my favorite. :) EDMUND! We're getting married. ;)

    Olivia- Jealous! I don't have any British friends at the moment (I mean, it's Indiana), and it's sad.

    Charlotte- Aussies are amazing too. we had one speak at church one day. he said three bad words from the stage. it was priceless.

    Kristin- thank you for noticing! I thought that was hilarious.

    Jocee- I'd never forget him. :)

    Jodie- half American, half British. it'd be perfect. :)

    Sweet Pea- :) and thank you!

    Hosanna- man, I know.

    Bleah- I KNOW! It was basically the BEST thing ever.

    Stephanie: I love William. thank you so much!

    Elisa- agreed :) I have so many good American friends.

    IFL- :)

    Stephanie- thanks dear!

    TCG- stereotypes are silly... :)

    Anna- I'll get back to you on that in a couple days. It's kinda a long explanation, and I need my laptop, which I don't have access to at the moment.

    LF- that one was my fav :)

    Betsey- maybe an American boy with a British accent...?

    Elisa- I know! So funny.

    Bookworm- isn't that funny?

    Charlotte- accents are the best. :)


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