23 March 2011

The British VS American Dilemma. (guest post by Bleah Briann)

While Katie is away on some amazing vacation, she has left Libby and I to contemplate a rather touchy and probing question. Seriously guys, y'all should lend an ear. This is important, very, very important. What is this "dilemma"?
British boys vs American boys: which is better?
Told ya' it was pretty important.
Before I make my case, I just wanted to get one thing set with y'all so you didn't get any crazy ideas about me.
I'm a 16 year old, Christian, American. I have as much patriotism as the next guy. I respect this country's beginnings, what it was built on. I respect what we stand for and I respect every person who fought for our freedom. I am grateful for freedom, liberty, and justice. The pursuit of happiness is a fantastic concept. I have nothing against this country...
Another thing you should know is that I'm waiting on the man God has for me. I believe that I was born for someone and someone was born for me. Wasting my time on other people... dating, seems worthless and pointless. I'm not flirty or anything like that, but I was asked to post on my personal taste.

When I'm older, of marrying age -- what do I find more attractive. British boys, or American boys.
I don't think this is hard to figure out...
English accents...
plain old regular... American?
Ties and jeans?
pants on the ground?

Well spoken, intelligent vocabulary, and proper behavior?
Someone who can't figure out that no one wants to see your chewing
I'm not saying that all British boys are perfect, or that all American boys are slobs. I understand that there's a mixture. I guess it's just the class... the whimsy... the adorableness.

If we're being serious, I feel like most American boys are players. They're just looking for some pretty girl to have and then toss to the way side.

British guys... (speaking as if I know any, which I don't actually) seem to have more standards. Perhaps this is just movies, books, and stereotypes talking. I don't know. But -- hey, it's my 16 year old naive view. Take it or leave it.
In the end I'm just me...
Bleah Briann. @ ~With Love and Kisses~
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Much Love.


  1. Love this SO much! And I totally agree. I mean, for me, it's all about the accent...*sigh* But odds are, I'm not going to marry a British man, hahaha. But oh well. I guess you just never know! ;)

  2. I LOVE this post!! So cool, and it's true. I would choose a British guy...just because (well you should know the answer by now), but I agree with Bleah in saying that I feel alot of American boys are players. I'm not saying British guys are perfect, but neither are American guys. This really made me think. Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. Weeeell, I do have something to say...
    British boys do get the feeling that they are neat, clean and OH SO PERFECT. Which, I am not denying... They are!!!! xD But........ There are so many AMAZING American boys too! I should know, I have some really really great American guy friends! They are clean, treat me like a girl (But not to the extent that they are not letting me climb that tree with them) speak respectfully and everything! They let me confide in them and have never told a soul, they are sweet and all-around totally amazing! I think both have their good and bad guys. Britain and America. :D And yes, I do know un-christian guys, and they are still cool. :)

  4. Bleah, sorry to burst your bubble, but from all the British boys I've met, I found they're waaaaay more snarky than Americans. To give you an idea of my shock and amazement at discovering this...
    *American boys are pretty much all class clowns. They joke and do stupid stunts and may be smartalicks to their parents, but all in all they seem for the most part, mild.

    *The Brits. Okay, their accents will have you thinking they must be well brought up gentlemen. Ha! They practically run over their parents. There have been several UK articles on how spoiled and out of control they have become. And after watching my [12y/o] 3nd cousin scream and wail at his mother because she was trying to put sunscreen on him... Well, I believe them.

    Of course I understand that 'no case is typical' :P, but don't judge our boys to harshly until you compare them with their Brit counterparts realistically [have you seen English delinquents? Horrifying! lol!]. There's a big difference between stereotypes and reality - especially in this case.

  5. Hey hey, Bleah!!!!
    I totally get what you say about how American boys seem more lie players, 'cause sometimes that's true. But like I wrote in my last comment, I also like American guys who wear plaid and are just 'normal.'

    So yeah, I still can't really make up my mind yet. ;)

  6. LOL I was just being silly and playing around with this post. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I know that there are amazing American guys, just like their are amazing brits... asian... spanish, italian, french, all around... I just love the stereotype! :D

    Thanks for being sweet!

  7. Oh, Bleah! I never in a million years wanted to come off as offended in my comment!! How dreadful! Truthfully I was laughing inside the whole time I was writing it {mostly remembering my same 3rd cousins mud-wrestling at my uncle's wedding. Yep, you heard me right: Mud-wrestling. By the lake. Ha. *restrained laughter*}
    So yeah, take my comment with a grain of salt, please :)

    p.s. I am not related to my English 'cousins' by blood ^_^

  8. So anybody here like big muddy cowboys? Because personally, I'd take one of them any day over some fancy-smancy Brit ;D
    Cute post though! I do like the British accents in movies! :)
    <3 alli

  9. I don't know any british guys, but from what everyone and everything makes them out to be, they definitely seem better! :) Great post!

  10. Lol!! AMEN to everything you listed about British boys!
    --Love MCat

  11. Ever notice how a British accent makes a person so much more attractive?

  12. like i told you earlier (when we were talking on the phone), i want an all-american guy, one that wears holes in his jeans and beat-up baseball caps. one that will want to play catch with his little boy and the front yard and will read fairytales to his little girl at night. someone that'll work hard everyday, but still make time to watch a movie with his family. that's my dream. but i do love accents ;)

  13. Fred vs. Charlie McDonnell; CHARLIE
    Ferris wheel vs. London Eye; LONDON EYE
    Aluminum vs. Aluminium; ALUMINIUM
    Spongebob vs. Doctor Who; DOCTOR WHO
    MAWrio (Mario) vs. MAIRio; MAIRio
    Coffee vs. Tea; TEA

    There you go, cully. Just so you're not confuddled, "cully" means pal, or friend, or chap.

    (Do you see how ridiculously daft I am? I'm going to retire when I'm 60 and be a writer in Scotland.)


  14. Alyson, that is awesome-sauce. seriously, I love this comment. Scotland sounds amazing. It's one of the most beautiful countries in the world, for sure.


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