17 March 2011

fly. (eighteen happy things.)

Listening to: Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg. 
Quote love:  "Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." Da Vinci.

The sweetest note from Natalie. And the card (above). It's my favorite.
Shopping for Bleah's birthday present.

Our old blue bike. It's my favorite.

Shopping on Tuesday: new boots, dresses, and shirts. Grandma, you're amazing. 

Three packages today, with the best things inside. 

It's strawberry season. How many strawberries can I fit into/onto this particular food?

"There was no one to howl at!" "I wasn't howling!" I wasn't howling, I promise. Also, that's a story you have to hear sometime. 

Oh-so-very-true fortune cookies. How do they do that?

Acquire the Fire weekend. Highlights: a) Ali's brother won at the BFF Sleepover Star game. It was him and five girls. The prize? A Justin Bieber bear. b) homemade Heath bar lattes. c) basically the entire event. it was amazing. 

The fact that, what with 1.8 aperture and manual focus, I have no idea how to use my brand new 50mm lens. Oh yes. It's so, so amazing. The bokeh is wild and crazy. All my pictures are blurry. It's a learning experience.

They cast Katniss! Not so sure about Jennifer Lawrence, though. As one blogger put it, she looks like a Barbie and Katniss is the kind of girl who would beat up a Barbie. Thoughts? 

I'm Irish. No one bothered to inform me of this until oh, last week. 

The post I wrote earlier today involving, mostly, British accents. You can keep an eye open for that one over the weekend.

The sunshine. Oh my goodness, the sunshine. It is beautiful. 

Eight new library books. 
Slowly working my way through my "to-do before Puerto Rico" list. Two days left!

When real live people who I actually know read my blog. Especially the ones not related to me.

Starbucks cake on a stick. Best idea ever.

I feel like it's been so long since I've posted. Really, the only solution is photos and lists. Catching up gets overwhelming after a week of nothing. 

I'll have a few guest posts and a scheduled one from me while I'm gone on holiday. Have an amazing weekend...and an amazing week while I'm gone!

What are your two, three, or eighteen happy things?


  1. I'm real and live... I read your blog. :P

    LOL. But I get it. :) I agree with all of those happies! I love focusing on the happy little things instead of the depressing big things. Happy little things trump those any day.

    Such great pictures! And I always love a shout out. :)


    Love you girlio...

  2. Lovely photos! Those desserts look especially delectable. :)

    Those are all great happy things. Mine? New clothes, library books, and going with my friend to see her favorite band tomorrow.


  3. awesome post. as for the hunger games casting, i am loving the three guy choices...except maybe alex, too hot i think. look for more pics of her at imdb and mockingjay.net i think she fits, better then abigail breslin, serously? i mean she couldn't play the jerk that is katniss EVER!

  4. First, I love the photos and the explanations. As always, beautiful work.

    Secondly, I could not disagree more regarding Katniss. I've seen Jennifer in Winter's Bone and she's anything but a Barbie in that movie. She was beat up, stood up for those who could not do so for themselves and was all-around awesome in that role. I see how she could wonderfully represent the strong, courageous, yet very vulnerable Katniss we fell in love with in the book series.

    Did I really just write that much on a piece of Youth Fiction? Oi vey.

  5. I love your happy things, and I LOVE your cupcake picture ;)
    My happy things (not 18 though :P)
    Peter Pevensie
    Yeah, that about covers it ;)
    -Jocee <3

  6. Great post. :) My happy things:

    -A marathon of "Gilmore Girls" when I should be preparing a speech.

    -Birthday cookie (my brother's birthday).


    -Weather warm enough to open the windows!


  7. Love your list of happy things. I am LOVING the Spring(ish) weather we're having over here, too. Have a fabulous holiday!

  8. great post :) and awesome photos :D

  9. So much happy. :]

    Did you try the cake on a stick yet? I had the carrot cake. So good.

  10. I love your selection of photos :) Those little cakes look delicious. My happy things are the smell of new books, a spritz of perfume, new clothes and a week end to look forward to. x

  11. Thank you, those photos made me smile. And an awesome post followed! I love strawberries! And new library books, and the rest of them as well, made me generally quite happy. <3

  12. ahhh, the feeling of happiness is quite dandy, isn't it?

    all of those things are awesome -- and i love the rain boots!

    -anna :)

    ps -- i was wondering if maybe you'd like to be pen pals. i penpal with bleah and eldarwen, so they can sorta tell you what i'm like before you jump head into something :) but yeah. if you want, leave a comment on my blog and i'll give you my email so we can swap addresses and what not! :)

  13. HEY! i gave you an award. Visit my blog to see :)

  14. Just found your blog & I love it already!


  15. Beautiful happy list. Have a wonderful time in Puerto Rico, Katie.
    My happy things? Baking peanut butter cookies with my dad, finding stupid drawings in the margin of my brother's copy of Pride & Prejudice, searching for places to visit in Paris.
    And the chicken picture? Gorgeous.

  16. Hello..i just found your blog...love all of your great pics....theose goodies look retty awesome if you ask me..Im a new follower:0

    So nice to meet you:0

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Fab Free People Giveaway!!♥

  17. Bleah- yes, you are completely real. remember, I hugged you? :) I love that song too! Pandora is amazing.

    Kendall- library books are my favorite. :)

    LF- yeah, I'm gonna be ticked if they choose Alex. I doubt they will, though. I know! It would be really weird if they had chosen Abigail.

    Jessie- thank you SO much for telling me that. 1) I totally judged her. 2) I haven't seen WB, so I didn't even know what I was talking about. and 3) in the trailer for WB, she almost was Katniss. I think she'll do great. :)

    Jocee- Peter deserves a place on every happy list.

    Kristin- warm weather is the best, no? :)

    Sarah- dude, yes. the spring weather is SO amazing. :)

    Jeremiah- thank you so much. :)

    Allyson- I actually haven't had any of them yet. I'm gonna try it soon. :)

    Rachelous- new books! best things ever. :))

    Kristee- I love how many book lovers have congregated here. Thanks for the sweet comment!

    Anna- I'll email you about the pen-paling. There's some personal stuff going on right now that I'll let you in on that may make it so I can't. But. I would love to. :) I'll get back to you about it. :)

    IFL- yay! thank you!

    Christine- :)

    Libby- the best part of this comment is that your brother owns P&P. that made me so happy.

    Collete- thanks for the comment & the follow!


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