28 March 2011

the time johnny depp followed my blog.

Listening to: Let It All Out by Relient K. 
Quote love: "I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." from the Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. 

I can't believe this story didn't get told. It's one of those things that every single blogger will get, unless they're normal and don't think that celebrities follow them. 

We snorkeled at the Puerto Rican island where they filmed part of Pirates 4. Which would be way more awesome if they had been filming while we were there, instead of however long ago they were there. Our guide, Winnick, (coolest name ever!) told us that we had "bragging rights." Really, I would have rather just met Johnny Depp.

Anyways. That just reminded me of this story. 

So last month, while my parents were in Alaska, I was looking through my followers. My blog does this stupid thing where if you don't have a profile picture and you follow me, it puts you to the very back of my follower list. It's silly. 

I'm assuming that I got a new follower and I was looking for it. So here's what happened: 

I'm looking through my followers, and I get to the last page. I start hyperventilating (exaggeration, I was just really excited), because ohmygoshJohnnyDeppfollowsmyblog! And then I stop. I calm down. And I start being disappointed. Because, actually, it wasn't Johnny Depp I saw. (Shocker, right?)

See the name Jenny Dep? Yeah...that's my aunt (who I love very much and thought this story was hilarious). At a glance, it looks like Johnny Depp.

Hence my confusion and disappointment.

Isn't that a nice story? I mean, if Johnny ever DOES decide to follow my blog (I can't imagine why he would...) I wouldn't complain at all.

I'm home now, and basically worn out. None of us got much sleep on Sunday while we traveled home, and my wake-up time for Taylor this morning was so much earlier than I wanted. 

Speaking of Taylor... 

It followed us. Really. We walked into our hotel on the outgoing trip and there was a big group of college guys hanging out in the lobby. And...I knew one of the guys. Not like the, oh hey, why are you here? kind of knowing him. More of the, oh, look, you're in my drawing class, why are you at my hotel? I didn't ask him because it would have been just...weird. 

And then they were at the airport the next morning. And then they were on our flight to Houston. It was one of those things where the person you're used to seeing in a specific place is not in that place.

On our last flight back yesterday, there was a Taylor family on our flight back to Indy. 


This lovely girl gave me an award. Here's the thing: I don't usually do these, because I'm not a fan of filling up my blog with these sorts of things, but it sounds like fun, I have nothing better to do, and maybe it's something you want to read? 

The rules: seven unknown things about you (or, in this case, me). Should be easy, right?

So. Seven things about me. 

One) I'm a list maker. If you've been reading for a while, you might have picked up on this. It's not only lists, but notes. I write notes, too, mostly on my hands, occasionally on the post-its on my desk. Things I need to remember. How to take a screen shot. (necessary for this post.) Is Rihanna singing in Lady Gaga's song Telephone? Tell the youth pastor's fiancee something. Songs I like on Pandora. 

Two) On Sunday at the Puerto Rican airports my bags got searched because I had too many books stacked up together. Definitely a first for me. I thought it was so funny. I mean, really, why? I can't blow up an airplane with a book. I look like such a terrorist.

Three) Frosted animal crackers are one of my favorite things. A few weeks ago I mistakenly bought iced animals crackers from Target. Big, disappointing difference. 

Four) Before we moved to the Netherlands, in the four to six year range, I used to carry around a backpack. It went everywhere I went. Inside was illegal contraband: candy. That thing was stuffed. I can't see how I even got my hands on that much candy. I mean, yes, there was the time I stole that marshmallow thing from Walmart, and the time I stole all those suckers from Gramps' shop. But really, besides that, I don't know where it all came from. We must have gotten more Halloween candy than I remember. 

Six) Speaking of Halloween, I remember the year I was five. My parents packed me onto a plane and sent me out to Arizona to visit my grandparents. While I was there, we had a Halloween party. I was a princess, and my older cousin Austin was a knight. I was mad (like, almost in tears mad) because he insisted that he wouldn't be my knight in shining armor. Looking back on it now, I mean, it's probably a good thing. Who wants their cousin to be their knight in shining armor?

Seven) Sweet sixteen is on Sunday. (big-time alliteration in that last sentence.) All I want is a Justin Bieber CD. haha. Kiddding. I'm way excited, though. It's gonna be amazing. Edit: All I want is the Tangled DVD. *coughint-hintcough*

What have you been up lately? I loved hearing what you thought about our little mini series... the Brits definitely won that one. :) Have a lovely week!

(again, the formatting on Blogger is weird. so sorry about it!)


  1. haha I most likely would have done the same thing. Heh, don't worry. Oneday, he'll be begging to follow both of us. ;)


  2. Too cute! And I remember you saying you thought Johnny Depp followed your blog. When I win my Oscar if he's there I'll tell him to follow ;)
    -Jocee <3

  3. Oh, that made me smile! Actually, this whole post was pretty entertaining -- haha, next time I go on a plane I should bring a whole stack of books and see what happens:P


  4. Awesome story, sounds like something I would totally do...except I might have posted about it a frenzy of excitement before realizing it said Jenny instead of Johnny. :-)


  5. Hehehe, I love your answers! :D I am a list maker too. ^_^


  6. Are you sure it's your aunt? Because "JennyDep" could be Johnny Depp's blog-follower code name. You never know. :)

    That's too funny about your books at the airport!


  7. Eeeep! :DDD I can't wait to get my package. Because you go directly through the post office, instead of usuing stamps like with letters, they usually get here pretty fast.

    I'm gonna wait till like... later next month, and then the DVD should be ALOT cheaper on Amazon. What if after I got my fill, I let you borrow it??? :D


  8. haha, awesome. and, well, if a justin bieber cd is all you want, well, i could hook you up *wink wink*

    -anna :)

  9. Hiya, I am a new follower. Just found your blog today. Super cute, can't wait to read more. :)


  10. Oh johnny, how awesome you are...i was jealous about your trip because, a. you got to go somewhere (and get school off) and b. it's cold here again and i hate it. but now, i'm super jealous. pirates 4!? big deal.
    happy early birthday, glad you're back.

  11. You are hilarious! I, too, was tricked when I glanced at JennyDep. Gosh. Our gullible eyes and the funny tricks it does to our minds, I tell ya. ;) And I laughed out loud about blowing up a plane with books. I was once stuck at the security checkpoint cuz a little bit of my son's formula spilled in the diaper bag and it seriously took them 15 minutes to wipe it and check it thru the screen. Um. Really guys? It's not like I am stashing my son some anthrax to drink on the plane.

  12. my blog does that thing with the followers, where it puts the pictureless ones at the back of the list :P Actually, I'm not sure why Johnny Depp has a reason NOT to follow you ;)

  13. Haha, that's a funny story. It's hilarious how close your aunt's name is to Johnny Depp.

    I'm a list maker too! Post it notes, and on my iPod a lot. And Listography. :) That's exciting about your sweet sixteen! Are you going to get your license? :)


    P.S. Why are you not allowed to read HP? *gasp* :P

  14. Hahaha! That is too funny about Johnny Depp! ;D
    When I read the title in my dashboard I was like, "Whoa, seriously?!" Hehe ;)


  15. This was such a cute post! That was funny about Johnny Depp.

  16. Bleah- yes he will. :)

    Jocee- please do! I'll appreciate it. :)

    Emii- I'm glad it made you smile!

    Charlotte- I almost did...luckily I caught myself before it was too late.

    Elisa- lists are the best. :)

    Kristin- you could be right!

    ...if only it were true. :)

    Bleah- call me as soon as you get it, kay? I can't wait!

    Anna- umm, yes please. ;)

    Shellsea- thanks so much girlie!

    LF- Johnny is my favorite.

    Ailinh- that's too funny. I guess I'd rather that they be too careful than not careful enough.

    Charlotte- maybe we should start a campaign to get Johnny to follow me. :)

    Kendall- and now I'm on Listography! mostly just cause of the magic, I guess.

    Katie- yeah, I wish it was true!

    Alicia- thank you :))


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