14 September 2011

prepare for crazy, please.

I haven't exactly been blogging every day, not since I've been back from France. Part of this has to do with the sheer number of hours during the day that I've had to fill. Obviously, that doesn't make sense, but you know that feeling when you have so little to do that you can't bring yourself to do the things you should do, such as blogging? Right, that feeling. 

School is starting back up again. It's going to be a light, easy year for me, the high school portion. The nine college credits hours I'm taking, plus my job, plus high school, should manage to fill my time pretty effectively. If everything goes the way we're hoping, I should graduate in June, one year early.

I began writing this post last week, and as usually happens at the beginning of the school year, the plans for my school were completely different. Currently, the plan is this: I'll take eleven classes this semester, nine or ten next semester, and graduate in June.

Next year is very uncertain; I'll explain more about that in a later post. 

Basically, I just wanted to warn you/fill you in on what happening in my life right now, and offer up an excuse as to why I haven't blogged in eleven days. 

High school starts today, my IWU class started on Monday, and I'm nearly three weeks into Taylor. 

That's life right now. How is school/work/college/whatever else going for you? 


  1. School is going easy for me. People weren't lying when they told me senior year wouldn't be that bad. The only nail-biting situation is getting into college. Or really, getting into the one and only college I've ever wanted to go to since seventh grade XD

    Work...I have not started working at the soap shop yet, but I do have a tutoring job for some rich people who pay me too much. Mwahaha. Ha.


  2. ah! you're a senior too! i'm hoping this year will be easy on you...mine is going pretty well so far.

    i enjoyed this post...i always love reading your new ones.

    wishing you a sweet day, katie!

  3. I'm basically going to drown under a sea of coursework & exams over these three years. I decided it would be good to not only do every single possible extra, but also to add another extra to that. Yeah.
    So I sleep a lot right now, when I'm not doing homework, and then I realise I might as well fail if I'm not enjoying it, and then take photos.

  4. I totally feel ya, Katie.
    I'm not taking college courses or working a job, but I have certainly found few extra hours to do what I please with.
    Plus, I'm on track to graduate with extra honors (if that makes sense) and to have a light senior year.

    Anyway- its nice to see you post; I missed you!


    P.S.- I might be slightly jealous that my brother takes a class with you. ;)

  5. girl, you aim high...don't make yourself sick. rock on.

  6. Wow! Busy bee!

    Senior year is awful for me. There is so much work, and I feel inadequate 70% of the time.

    Ah well, congratulations on being able to graduate early!

  7. I've missed your posts, but I understand. I'm so busy right now, too; it's crazy. I'm still getting into the rhythm of back-to-school.

  8. You could busy yes;)Good luck with everything. HOpe it all works out :)

  9. Dang girl!! Go you! that's a lot on your plate! Just pump it out, work hard, and I bet you are going to do fabulously!

    xo moorea seal

  10. I love your picture! I hope you have a fantastic year. It definitely will get crazy. I love your perspective though. LOVE your blog title. So creative and fantastic!

  11. school? ha. don't even wanna go there. oh, wait i am. right now. :P

    and i still got 2 more years. blah.

    but i still love you and your senior-ness :)

    did you get my letter? i sent it about a two weeks ago. but yeah. hope you're day's going terrifical!

    <3anna :)

  12. Sounds like you're incredibly busy! I think I've always been like that. Even when I'm not busy, I feel like I am. Good luck with the new (and final) school year! I went away to college when I was 16 too.

  13. I've awarded you over at my blog.



  14. School, ballet, and work (photography + design) are filling my time up quickly. Sounds as if you're busy as well. All the best, Katie dear!


  15. :))) I loved your "dears". :D
    You should call me this week. I miss you.

  16. Wow, sounds like it'll be a great year for you! Excited for ya :) Be sure to take time to rest too. Things are actually going to be relatively calm for me this year - just working, my own projects (so many ideas!) and family & friends. :)

  17. Your photos are gorgeous and I love reading your thoughts! I'm still in high school, but I'm taking a couple of accelerated courses. Those plus a full timetable are killing me right now!


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