25 September 2011

words for a rainy day.

My coffee is too hot and it burns my throat going down. I still drink it though, not waiting for it to cool off. Today is the first real day (of fall) when I can feel the damp of the rain and the cold just around the corner and I can breathe again without choking on the heat in the air. This changing time is always my favorite time of year; I don’t like extremes, I like the fading of season-to-season. I suppose that fall, in a way, is full of life, not like spring when everything is growing but in the way that everything seem more alive and vibrant during these few short months. I’m going to savor them, drink more than my fair share of Starbucks and take pictures of every leaf and love life because as much as fall is the beginning of the end of the year, this feels like an ending for me too.

I think too closely about endings and beginnings and how they flow in and out of one another. The end of something marks the beginning of something else, and so on.

This is the beginning of...what? My last fall in high school, at least.

Rainy days make me introspective.

And all of this is news to you, but I failed the written test on Tuesday, passed it on Thursday, and I've only driven once since then. I'm in love with my Illustrator class and Pre-Calc isn't horrible. I'm back in a place I haven't been in years, meaning that words mean more than photos and it feels so good to write, as evidenced by the first two paragraphs. My job is perfect and I haven't met anyone I don't like yet. Relient K sings Justin Bieber and Switchfoot has a new album out on Tuesday.

Here's to a happy fall.


  1. I love it when you post. :)

    It's funny; I was just feeling the same way a little while ago, where I wanted to write more than photograph. I love photography dearly but writing is my first love.

    Congrats on driving! I need to get my permit. XD I'm in Pre-Calc, too, and it's not horrible but it's not fun, either. I'll probably never love math.

  2. I like that "Pre-Calc isn't terrible." Priceless. Really.
    Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. Katie. I love you.

    You are you basically me. Except cooler.


  4. This is beautiful! And I feel the same way about fall:)

  5. Beautiful words. I really like your writing! I used to feel the same way about fall, but now I really love and enjoy it. You know, fall can bring you so many surprises, you just have to know where to look. Does that make any sense? :D

  6. I'm still trying to sort out how I feel about Relient K singing that. They're my most favorite band ever, so I'll buy the CD. Matt Thiessen's voice can make almost anything sound good. I just wish we were getting an album with RK's typical quirky and original songs instead of a covers album.

    I am, however, thrilled about the new Switchfoot CD tomorrow! Can't wait. :)


  7. Oh, my goodness. I love your posts. They make my day. And I love you. Keep writing, Katie! xx

  8. I can really empathise with what you say about writing & photography. The overcastness {is that even a word?} of the past week or so has left me finding more comfort in my journal than my camera lens. It ebbs and flows.

  9. i love fall as well m'dear :) especially the bonfires, hoodies, and trunk-or-treats at church. it's the best.

  10. yes, relient k does sing justin beiber and they do it so well.

  11. This post made me so happy:) I have decided fall is my favorite.

  12. I love the tea/coffee pictures. and general fall-ness.

  13. Hey! I just found your blog, and I'm following you!
    Check out my blog, It's a Love Story ;)


    you have a unique way of posting.. i lie it.

    xo zebra and meerkat

  15. Rainy days make me introspective too. And I've had many recently! But I love the rain, so I guess that's okay. Beautiful blog, katie! I'm following now. :) Have a lovely week.

  16. Read your comment on my blog - whoa. That is amazing! If I were anywhere close to Dekker, I'd stalk him down and beg, on my knees, for an autograph, a hello, ANYTHING.
    I'm that obsessed ;)

  17. hey, pen pal. i like you. a lot.

    this is your last autumn in high school? lucky girl. i do try my hardest to 'live in the moment', but honestly, i'm so excited to be done with high school.

    ps. that first photo? yum. just yum.

  18. Hey, saw you entered my competition on Pastor Girls Ponderings! Thanks!

  19. Congratulations, Katie, you're YA Confidential's Comment of the Week!

    Tomorrow I'll be doing a spotlight on your comment and you as the author of it. If you want to send me a short bio (it doesn't have to by spy-themed like ours, but if you want to, that's cool too!) and any links to your online presence that you want included, that would be great. And of course, as a thank you for helping us build a great, fun community at YA Confidential, you can have your pick of anything in our vault! Just let me know where we should send it. You can email us at yaconfidential at gmail dot com.

    Thanks so much for contributing to YA Confidential!

  20. I hope you savor your last Fall in high school.

    Also, are you on Instagram? I feel like you'd fit in really well, there. There's a guy I follow on there named Keeg, and he posts a lot of photos of coffee. They all remind me of you.

  21. just...beautiful. I can't think of any other way to describe it.

  22. I'm so jealous you get to take illustrator in high school! My high school was really poor and I only was able to take 1 art class and 1 art history class. my school couldn't even afford PAPER for my art class one year!
    But hey, now I am a working artist anyway ;) I think you've got a leg up if you ever pursue art in the future!
    xo Moorea

  23. Tell your brother I said it's cool... because I'm almost 17 and I look about 14, so we'll both look young for our ages. ;)


  24. Love the tea picture! The way the tag is out of focus is lovely. :)


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