02 October 2011


I look forward to our yearly trips to the apple orchard every year. There's something about the time spent in the car with the entire family, wandering through the rows of apple trees, and feeding the animals in the petting zoo. Just like last year, and the year before, I spent more time taking photos than picking apples.

I came home from work yesterday to the smell of apples permeating the house. My sisters were halfway through making individual apple pies. We had friends over that evening and enjoyed apple crisp + cider with them. I love this time of year.

The orchard we visit has a petting zoo with an odd assortment of animals. The animals are different every year. Last year, the deer were wandering free in the open enclosure, this year they were penned up. Still close enough to feed, though. ;) 

They had the world's second (third? google says the beaver is the second largest.) largest rodent this year. After seeing a cabybara in a zoo in Arizona years ago, I can now say that I've seen both of the world's two largest rodents.

I've always had issues with shooting photos of people- mainly, I would rather shoot something that stands still. Also, my siblings aren't big fans of photos. :) I think it's easier to take a photo of something that doesn't care how the photo turns out and isn't inconvenienced by standing still for a photo. Regardless of whether or not I decide to be a professional photographer, wedding photography's out for me.

I tried hard to get photos of everyone at the orchard. I'd rather not be looking through the photos a year from now and not have any of my family. Before we left in the morning, I made sure everyone was presentable and photo-ready. I'm quite happy with how they turned out, especially the next two.

He's halfway through the first semester of his senior year and ready for senior photos. I'm the logical choice, because I wouldn't charge and, uh, I'm family. He's not too psyched about that, and neither am I, for reasons listed above. But these two turned out great, so we'll see. Also- my entire family has those eyes. His were just especially sparkly that day.

(edit: he says to clarify that he's nearly 18. so enough with the "he looks so young," comments. ;)) 

I've had a bit of a crazy weekend and not much rest- but how has your week been?


  1. Um, Katie? I don't know if you know this or not, but your brother is adorable... :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I would love to go apple-picking someday.

    I know how you feel about photographing people. It seems like everyone else has tons of nice pictures of their family. And then there's me, with a sister who broke my old camera because I tried to take her picture. Sigh. I could never be a wedding photographer, either, and I don't really want to be. I think there are plenty of them in the world already. :P

    You would be great for his senior photos, though! Those ones are terrific. :)

  3. Ahhhh! Can I come over for apple crisp + cider? please? I love your photos -- apple orchard days are some of the best.

  4. this was such a lovely post!!
    your brother is so cute. i don't want to make anyone uncomfortable here, but he really is. actually, i want to give you and all your siblings a hug
    great photos :))
    -jocee <3

  5. I love how cute your sisters are... and you're so darn pretty... and your scarved, and your dad is pretty handsome (hehe) and how your brother IS cute... for maybe a 12 year old girl. He looks so young! I can't get over it. Sorry that might have been harsh, I do think he's cute. I'm just to old for him. LOL

    ANYWAY... I love you. I miss you. Call me?
    Sorry my life has been crazy... I dunno if you're getting my tumblr messages or not, tumblr messages don't like to send for me for some reason. but I have been sending them. Dang, I miss you like heck. I'm grounded from the phone though...but my grandma has talked about you so she might let me talk if you call???



  6. Apple crisp and cider! Oh man that sounds tastydelicious.

    Yes, years down the road your family will love that you took these photos. They're great! I especially love the through-the-fence feedings. =)

  7. apple cider sound nice, though i've never had it before :)

    also i have no idea why i noticed this but everyone in you family seems to be perfect teeth! good genes, eh? ;)

  8. Haha yeah, I know how old your brother is. :P

    Sorry if you're offended. I thought you'd think it was funny. LOL. But he DOES look really young.


  9. I agree with Jodie.
    No one ever wants to be photographed here. My teacher tells me I need to take more portraits--but who of? Aagh!

  10. SO. i completely understand the whole "id-rather-photograph-inanimate-objects-than-humans" thing. BUT. your pics of your brother are AMAZING. and he's my grade, and really cute... HEY. we could be sisters-in-law! hahaha. just kidding. ;) but I seriously do love all of your pictures. you may not think you are that great at taking people pictures, but you AREEEEE. :D

  11. Hi Katie.
    I just came across your blog. I'm a HUGE Beatles fan. I would love to hear about how your related to George Harrison. If you have some time, I'd love for you to email me and tell me about it!
    Hope your week has been great so far!

  12. great photos!! looks like you had a blast at the apple orchard. (PS-Want to win a pair of shoes of your choice? Enter today on my blog: www.rubygirlblog.com)

  13. ah, cute pictures alert! You are a great photographer and your family looks friendly and fun to be around.

  14. what a beautiful tradition to go to an apple orchard!

    your brother does look really young, but i would argue that that's not a bad thing!

  15. Looks so lovely Katie. Fall is a wonderful time and I, also love it :)

    You guys are all so cute. xx, Annie

  16. I want your family. They look like a happy bunch. And what beautiful photos! I've always wanted to learn how, but I never have the time. Or a decent camera.

    You know around here you can't pick your own apples? So many farms now don't let you. Insurance reasons, I guess? Liability or something. It's the pits. It looks like a blast.

  17. Oh, goodness, I just did an apple-picking post as well! How funny.

    Oh, and your portraits are really nice. :)

    - Victoria (http://raindropsandmoonlight.blogspot.com)

  18. I recently started to follow your blog, and I absolutely love it, though I haven't had the opportunity to comment, until today.

    Lovely photos, your family looks awesome!


  19. You can tell your brother I'm 26 and I still get mistaken for being in high school. We'll appreciate it when we're 40.


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