09 October 2011

october is my favorite.

Sunday afternoons might be the nicest time of the week. 

I spent this afternoon reading (Nine Stories, by JD Salinger), working on my final project for my Illustrator class, and taking + editing photos. I have two more class periods left for Illustrator and I'm sad, to put it lightly. It's my favorite class by far and I'm not ready for it to be over. On the flip side, when Illustrator ends, Photoshop starts. We'll see how that goes. :) 

It's 100% fall here. My dad and I were driving with all the windows down earlier, and every time we drove under a tree, there was that perfect fall-leaves-crunching sound. Abigail, Dad, and I went fishing for a few hours tonight. The weather was absolutely beautiful. I'm looking forward to it getting a little bit chillier, but I'm trying to enjoy the weather now. 

How have you been? 


  1. katie,
    i've been well. it's actually 69 degrees here in texas. a miracle in its own, apart from the rain. lots and lots of rain. this was such a beautiful post :))
    -jocee <3
    {pee ess: october is my favorite, too. i loved that last photo.}

  2. i love the weather as well, it's getting colder every day <3

  3. aaaah. I love October. And I'm so ready for some chilly (but not freezing) temps. :)

  4. Fall :)

    It's getting pretty nice here too. No more humidity (at least I don't so, not much anyway.)

    Beautiful pictures and post. xx, Annie

  5. Beautiful pictures! Fall is the best! <3


  6. Gorgeous pictures! It's not quite fall yet, here. It got chilly for a few days, but the last few have been warm again. The leaves aren't turning or falling yet, but they will be soon. :)


  7. long story short....my grandma found out that i was still talking to david and now im living with my mom. email me..... peppermintandrain@yahoo.com

  8. How beautiful. I have taken shockingly few autumn photos... I must change that as soon as possible! How can my favourite month pass undocumented?

  9. Your pictures are so wonderful! Thanks for sharing them :) Fall is beautiful isn't it :)


  10. october is the best - it's my birthday month :)

  11. October is my favorite also... Love these festive fall photos.


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