08 April 2010

Three Reasons For Summer To Come:

Big bags.

Big sunglasses.

Cute shoes.

That's the style this summer in my Middle Eastern country. Sooooo, I get to go birthday shopping with Grandma sometime soon. I can't wait for summer.

Turns out, there isn't air-conditioning at my summer family's house, so it's gonna be pretty hot. My mom thinks that it'll be upper 90s and low 100s: hot. But oh so worth it. :)

Around here, the weather is perfect! It's spring, complete with sunshine, warmth, growing things, and RAIN. (There's a thunderstorm right now as I'm typing. Thunder and lightning make my favorite kind of rain.)

So excuse me as I go read my Bible, and goodnight.


  1. Here's a sweet thought: Every day is springtime with you in our lives. . .

    love, Dad

    PS: You read the Bible? How cool.

  2. where are you going in the middle east? that's not that hot. but I've lived deep in the south...so...

  3. aww, thank you Daddy. yes, I read the Bible!

    hey, send me an email at katiebk12@gmail.com and I can tell you. yeah, it's not as hot as I thought it was gonna be! do you like the heat? I lived a lot of my life in Colorado and a couple years in the Netherlands and England, so I'm more used to cooler weather.

  4. I'll answer this for LF, I can't stand the heat:) We lived in LA and it is soooo hot there. But the humidity makes it worse, maybe it won't be humid where you are, that always makes it seem cooler.


  5. I'm gonna miss you too!

    Yeah, I don't really like the heat either! humidity does make it a lot worse, and I don't think it's gonna be humid! :)


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