05 April 2010

In First-Grade...

Today I was riding in the car and out of nowhere I thought, I'm fifteen. It hit me that when I was in first grade, going to school in the Netherlands, the fifth-graders were the big kids. High-schoolers were scary, and I never thought about becoming one.

Now, I'm ending my first year of high-school, getting ready to travel halfway across the world this summer. First-grade me never thought about that. First-grade me was just concerned with learning Dutch so she could do her homework and make friends. Freshman me is trying to learn some Arabic and save enough money to go to the Middle East. I am so excited about this summer.

Just after I turned six, my family moved to the Netherlands. Looking back now, I cannot believe how little that mattered to me. It wasn't that important. I wasn't scared, I wasn't particularly excited, it just happened and I was fine with it. In late May I'll be getting on a plane and heading to the Middle East and it is such a big deal to me. So much has changed since first-grade.

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