14 May 2010

life is crazy, so they say.

NINE more days! I CAN NOT wait.

Grandma and Grandpa get here tomorrow. I can not wait.

It's so hard to believe that it's coming up so soon, that I'm really going, that this is really happening. I'm so excited.

We've been "under construction" again... Mom's redoing the hallway, the bathroom, building a mantel for the fireplace... the list goes on and on. Then there's preparation for my trip, and Grandma&Grandpa's visit. It's pretty crazy around here. Not to mention raising a five-week old kitten...

A stray cat (now named Polly) adopted us in the winter. Five weeks ago she gave birth to four kittens. One died. She moved the others. Then abandoned them. One more died. She took the remaining two back. Life was good. Then she moved them. We couldn't find them anywhere. We found Lucy left on the roof. Dehydrated, starving, really weak. We couldn't find Aslan* anywhere, turns out he was in the roof. Brought him, Polly, and Lucy into our covered porch and Polly was taking care of them. The next morning (Mother's Day) she moved them back up on the roof. We moved them back to the porch. She moved them. At that point, we just left them. Wednesday night, Dad found Lucy on the ground, he brought her in and we've been taking care of her since. Aslan is nowhere to be found.

So that's what's going on around here. What's up with you?

*Lucy, Aslan, Polly... seems there's a trend here.


  1. Over here we are dancing like crazy, finally finishing school, and Mom and Dad are getting ready for a trip next weekend. Tonight is the first night of a week full of dance practices. Sigh.... I love your kittens names. I am so excited about your trip! Have fun with your grandparents!

    PB & J

  2. that sounds fun! I can't wait to finish school :) I hope your parents have a good trip. Me too, those are some of my favorite books. Thank you! I can't wait. Again, thanks so much :)

  3. awww! I love Lucy :) you shuld take some pics so I can see her. Are her eyes better?
    Nothing to much with me, you know how it goes...

  4. me too! I'll bring some to show you tomorrow. they're getting better, we have to clean them a couple times a day buy they are looking better!
    how was your play? :)


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