12 May 2010

a snapshot of today.

Have I mentioned, 11days? I can not wait. Seriously, I am so incredibly excited.

Excited; definition: seeing Skillet in concert, seeing Liz at Starbucks today, coming home and finding a huge bag of Skittles* on my bed, rain.

This? Waaaay beyond excitement. I.can.not.wait. Besides the normal, yay I'm going to the Middle East feeling, I really can't wait to fly again. It's been almost (approximately) five years since I've flown, and I love airplanes. There's the added perk that we have a four hour layover in Paris, so even though we won't leave the airport, I'll still be in Paris.**

Oh, happy blog birthday :) Today is my blog's one year birthday! I ate ice cream for it :)

Starbucks love.

CLEARLY, I'm not prepared for this picture, and that's what I look like when I laugh hard. Can you tell who the college student is?

*I think it's funny that Skillet and Skittles are almost the same word.
**Oh, Paris. This is gonna be my third time. I love it.


  1. ha, funny! I thought the same thing about Skillet and Skittles... But you are one lucky girl! I've always wanted to see Skillet in concert.. were they good?

  2. they were great! I saw them at World Pulse Festival in South Bend, IN, and they were AMAZING!

    if you live close to South Bend, you should totally go this year. just google world pulse, it's an amazing concert :) and it's free :D

  3. please follow :)


    lovely pictures by the way :^) x

  4. Ha! Skillet concert??? when?
    11 days...craziness.
    I've never even flown :(
    That is SO my finger in the second picture :)

  5. fur knee- okkk, cool :) you should totally follow me too :) thank you very much!

    ali- World Pulse... you were there... remember?
    TEN! its SOO soon... I can't wait.
    I know, that was the best picture ever :)

  6. Oh! I thought you met you were going to another one! YES! I do remember World Pulse :)
    Ha, totally :D

  7. you are so silly :) I wondered why you couldn't remember it!


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