15 February 2012

exploring the moon.

This is one of the prettiest music videos that I've ever seen. I'm on the third or fourth listen right now. (Also, where can I buy airmail envelopes like that?) (Also, also, I like how they have the lyrics incorporated into the video.) 

Today, I'm loving poorlywrittenhistory's flickr, (particularly the above photo) this Valentine's compilation on Fernweh, this photo and this photo from one of my favorite photographers, and this Threadless t-shirt (Amsterdam will always have a special place in my heart). 

I'm not celebrating Valentine's today. Instead, I spent my afternoon watching Apollo 13 for a history class. This evening, I spent time with some of my best friends at small group. It was a very uneventful, unexciting day. But it was good. I like these low-key days where I get stuff done, without the sort of overwhelming busyness that most days hold. 

Apollo 13. Have you seen it? I remembered bits and pieces of it as I was watching...maybe I saw it years ago? but for the most part, it was completely new. I'd really rather not go in depth talking about it (I literally just finished writing a paper about the movie) but there was one line, right at the end, that I typed out and I wanted to share with you: "Sometimes I catch myself looking up at the moon and wondering when we'll be going back and who it will be." 

That really resonated with me. I don't like staying home for more than a year. It's become a bit of a joke in our family, "So-and-so is going to Turkey/Athens/Canada for ten days this summer-" "What?? Maybe I can go with them!" It happens every day. Anyways, what if that illusive place, the place that you were so close to without actually getting there, was the moon? And how would that feel to look at it every night knowing that you'll never reach it? In some ways, that's a depressing thought, but in other ways, it's encouraging to know that you tried your best to get there, and not-getting-there was out of your control. I don't know...it's late and I'm typing as I'm thinking, so this probably doesn't make very much sense. 

Okay. Goodnight. 

ps. I know I said that I was going to talk about The Fault in Our Stars but I'm writing something about it on Fernweh later this month so maybe you can read it on there? okaybye. 


  1. oh my goodness, that video. you are totally right. prettiest video ever! absolutely beautiful. definitely a new favorite.

  2. I love every second of that video! Oh and I think I've seen Apollo 13 long long long ago too but for some reason I cannot remember who were the cast for that movie

  3. That video is hipster heaven! It's adorable.
    And I'm reviewing TFIOS for my English class. Which makes me so excited!

  4. TFiOS is so beautiful i don't know what to do. and i adore that song! actually, i adore this whole post. great post, katie-dearheart :))
    -jocee <3

  5. oh, that was so beautiful. that's one of my favorite of his songs already, and the video was perfect. I can't wait to read your thoughts on TFiOS -- I haven't read it but I want to. I'll have to a sneak a peek early on the drafts. ;)

    Love Apollo 13. It's one of my favorite movies. And I love how you put that -- it can either be the biggest discouragement or the greatest encouragement to motivate us.


  6. I love the song! So great! The video is amazing!

    In Christ

  7. I've never seen Apollo 13, but I have seen my father cry while watching it. So I can only imagine its intensity.

    I can't wait to read more of your thoughts regarding TFiOS! :)

  8. Katie, Katie, Katie. Boyfriend!? I want filled in on this, please. :) Miss you too!

  9. Funny, I was looking through a box of old letters today and a few were air mail envelopes. There is something whimsical and classic about them.

    I've found it difficult to write about TfiOS.
    It's almost resisted exposition.
    But I look forward to seeing it on Fernweh.

    Jason Mraz has been stuck in my head lately.

    Bye, love,

  10. Oh, I just love that music video, and the story interwoven throughout.

    My mom actually uses airmail envelopes! She's had them forever and originally bought them in the Philippines. But Amazon has 'em too. =)


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