03 February 2012

unexcused absences.

Between writing for Fernweh, and the one or two papers a week for my business class, (more on that in a minute) I haven't been in the mood to write on here. When we started Fernweh, I promised my mom that I'd continue posting here. So far, I haven't really kept that promise. But, new month, second chances, all that.

I'm so glad January is over. January & February & March are my least favorite months of the year. February should be ok because of reasons (more on that later) and March, well...March 23 is going to be the best day of the entire year. Tickets for the Hunger Games movie go on sale on February 22, and I'm buying a ticket for the midnight showing. ;) March can't get here fast enough!

A year ago, as a high school sophomore, I started taking college classes. Today, I'm sitting in the basement of the science building. It's so crazy to look back on last year. I'm not sure I could even describe how nervous I was on the first day of class. It's gotten better, and I'm at the point where it's just normal. This semester, I'll be completing my seventh, eighth, and ninth college classes. And you know what? I like it a lot.

My business class is by far my favorite class this semester. The professor is this charming, older man who has a reputation for being incredibly unbiased, and maybe a little harsh, when it comes to grading. A past student referred to this class not as Business 101, but as Life 100, and he was right. He teaches so well, and it's not just limited to business.

 I...ok, I threw a fit when my mother made me take this class. We talked to the professor the week before it started, and he told us that a large portion of the class is group work, outside of class. No, thank you.

Anyways, my mom forced me to take it. I called her after the first day and apologized, because I love this class. There really is nothing that I don't like about it. And that's a good feeling.

How was your January?


  1. My Business Studies class is {so far} super easy and somewhat boring a.k.a. a chance for me to draw in my notebook and then scribble down a few answers.
    My January was cold & Fernweh-filled.

  2. I love this. I want to take a business class -- I'm doing a marketing course that's pretty interesting. January was crazy busy, crazy cold, and obviously, crazy amazing because of Fernweh. xo

  3. I hate these months too. Once my bday is over I am ready for spring.

    But March 23 will be the best day. Totally.


  4. i cannot wait until the hunger games. oh my goshbubbles on plum pudding it's going to be amazing.
    i'm so glad you're back! i love your photos :))
    -jocee <3

  5. Hey! I tagged you on Pandora :)


  6. I'm starting a few college courses soon...and honestly, I am scared to death. haha! I'll make it through. somehow.
    My January was filled with exam related stress, traveling, and, of course, Fernweh.

  7. I was just thinking about a polite way to tell you to blog more. But thankfully you beat me to it. ;)

    I have the opportunity to take a college class this summer, so I won't have to take it during the year, and I know a lot of people who are doing that, but honesty I'd rather have my summers free and not doing work. I think I'll save college for college and focus on high school now. Lord knows it's hard enough. Your classes sound really interesting, though.

    January was all right. It was pretty mild, and there's no reason February shouldn't be better!

  8. Glad everything is going well for you!

    Your business professor sounds amazing :)

  9. Please oh please don't forget about your lovely blog here! :]

  10. So glad you're back. Your business class sounds interesting, "funny" how oftentimes the things we don't want to do are the things we like best. I intend on doing some college classes my junior year, I think it's marvelous that we're able to knock off some college credits when still in high school!

  11. super pretty photos! my january was a good fresh start :)

  12. That professor sounds awesome. I get bored when a professor is wayyy too bookish, I like to learn new things and really dig deeper into how it can all relate to life after the books. I wish I had a professor like that back when I was still in school. I'm soooo glad that January is over too, I wish I could fast forward to April and May though.

  13. My goodness, those are some gorgeous pictures!! Love them Katie!

  14. Katie, I looked up Lego House and loved it!! Thanks for letting me know about that. :D


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