24 July 2010

down south where the weather's cooler.

Tomorrow morning at "o'dark thirty," as my dad would say, I'm going down south to the archeological dig. We're leaving at 5:15 in the morning. NOT FUN.

Every morning we'll be at the dig at 7 AM. We dig until 2 PM, then we eat, shower, and rest. Later in the afternoon we go around and visit Bedouin families in their tents.

I'm only staying one night but I'll be digging for two full days. It's more conservative there than it is here in the capital, so we'll have to wear long sleeves, long pants, and cover our heads. We don't have to wear the full facial covering, just our heads. Rumor has it that it's "so much cooler there than it is here," so that won't be too bad.

My little sister Alia (11yrs.) is really jealous. She loves history, and I'm pretty sure that she would love to do this. I wish that we were allowed to keep some of the pottery that we'll find, but sadly, it all goes to museums.

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