04 July 2010

I wonder how my life would change if I really truly believed that. How it would be different if I woke up every day thinking that it would be the best day of my life. How much more would I treasure every moment?


  1. I know that thought process. I think sometimes... when we actually stop thinking about life and we stop attempting perfection- that's when we really live. The best things are done/found by accident. :)

  2. Wow... that's so true, Katie! I just found your blog, and I thought I'd leave you a comment so you'll know I was here. ;-)

    ~ Love & Blessings,
    Lindsay <3

  3. Ali- I miss you. have a great time in Florida! next summer we should all head down there to get together with Mimi and Lauren! :)

    Pearl- I agree :)

    Lindsay- thanks so much for commenting! :)

    Olivia- it's hard to focus on that sometimes. I miss you too!


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